S2, Ep16 - Complications

  1. Wang
    Ok, that was pretty good, here's my thoughts:
    -M'gann is crazy informing Sportsmaster & Cheshire of the everything, your sister is alive is enough
    -M'gann IMO has redeemed herself
    -Sportsmaster is very douchey

    Here's some questions:
    -Does Nightwing know for sure that something's up with Blue, or does is just suspect it, I found the end confusing?
    -Where is the team from the end of the last ep?
  2. MarBellarke
    It was a pretty good episode - I enjoyed every bit.
  3. Jack Spicer
    Jack Spicer
    -I think Nightwing knows for sure, but they'll probably have him be on the edge of getting him. Personally, I think the original Roy will inform either him or clone Roy. They could assemble Zatanna or maybe Static.
    -The team is probably held prisoner somewhere. Maybe on a spaceship or a submarine.
  4. Wang
    Thank you, Jack
  5. cryhwks
    Nightwing knows, he was already suspecting when he found Robin's Birdarang lol but buy the end he knows for sure because the Reach completely tipped there hand when they honored Blue on TV.

    Glade Kaldur has his memories back very cool to see Deathstroke match up against Sportsmaster more Deathstroke the better.
  6. ~Hebi Terumi~
    ~Hebi Terumi~
    I feel like the team is probably still in Warworld. I mean, have the remaining League members even bothered to check the entire ship for the team members?

    As for M'gann telling them too much:
    I'm sure Cheshire, who's more morally ambiguous (ala Catwoman) can keep a secret and would much rather help keep her sister safe than expose her to the Light.
    As for Sportsmaster, I can see him revealing that fact, but I don't think he will.
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