1. Floydical
    As of now, having 5 debaters present, we will likely have a tie-breaker match based on win/loss and point totals that will decide who moves on to the round of 4. Two debaters will face off in an elimination match where only 1 will move to the round of 4.

    This tie-breaker will be posted and judged before the new 'round of 4' discussion is made. As of now, no additional debaters will be allowed to re-join the tournament, allowing us to focus on the debaters who are ready to go.

    Thank you for your guys' patience.
  2. Floydical
    Kirikoe and Prince Charles will be the 2 to face off in the qualifier, due to having the lowest record/ point totals among the 5 remaining debaters.
  3. Floydical
    The final 4 have been decided. Please be on the lookout for the final 4 match-ups by early next week.
  4. Solo

    I'm ready.
  5. Floydical
    This is a warning for the 4 remaining competitors that the round of four will begin soon, Thursday at the latest. Note that at this point in the debate, 1v1 matches will no longer occur, we will be moving to 2v2+ matches where you debaters will have choice on your combatants. A point system will be used to determine what combatants you might want to use. Again, keep a close look-out for your match starting no later than Thursday. This is just a quick heads up before the new round begins to give you an idea of whats ahead, but note there will be restrictions on who you can or cannot use. Thank you for your time.
  6. MilwaukeegHost
    Will the judges at least add limitations to the combatants we choose? If not everyone will just choose the strongest shinobi possible and we will have DBZ level fights that are hard to judge
  7. Floydical
    That will all be established before hand. There will not only be limitations on shinobi and the particular jutsu they are allowed to use, but there will be point values associated with each combatant that will help narrow the over-usage of certain shinobi. Each debater will be given a maximum amount of points they are allowed to use in their match.
  8. Kirikoe
    so we get to choose our own ninja to debate for ?
  9. Floydical
    Danzo has let me know he is no longer debating. Prince Charles has agreed to take his place so we have a fair round of 4.
  10. Solo
    I'll post tomorrow. Sick.. atm.

    Based on the characters he picked, I already have a plan. Hope I don't forget it.
  11. Solo
    School work took all of my time.

    Promise I'll have my argument later today. My Tuesday classes is eh.. so around 5pm - 6pm.
  12. Kirikoe
    Hehe i look forward to your argument xD
  13. Anub
    Nice to see this tourney is still running! And nice to see Solo again so close to the top spot :D good luck guys!
  14. Solo
    Sorry for the short debate. Final Exams is killing me.
  15. Kirikoe
    ive been busy aswell so i wasnt able to spend to much time on my arguements and find the manga pages for things :/
  16. Floydical
    As of now, both Solo and Milwaukee have made it to the finals, though Owarij is still allowed to post his thoughts on the Solo Kirikoe fight.

    Both of you keep checking the debate, we should get the finals started by the weekend.
  17. Solo
    Good luck, Milwaukee. Can't wait for my revenge!
  18. MilwaukeegHost
    I told you we'd meet up again... Good luck
  19. Floydical
    we are currently discussing the specs for the final round. We will keep you 2 posted.
  20. Floydical
    We have finished discussing the final round and I can let you guys know at this point that you will not be able to pick your own shinobi like in the semi-finals.

    I will post the match tonight or tomorrow and there will be a 10 day duration and 20 post limit rather than the 7day/ 15 post match.
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