Rules And Bio Template

    1. You will listen to me and any one else I employ as a watcher
    2. Swearing is allowed just don't go overboard
    3. All profiles for canons must also have a character sample
    5. You need to pay attention to all the other rpers out there. I don't like to be left hanging neither does everyone else.
    6. Respect other rpers. No flaming.
    7. You Are Always RPing So You Can Get Killed Anytime.
    8. Every new ability you get must be posted right away on your bio.
    9. You Can Post A Thread For A healer To heal You.
    10. If you let your character die, you have to create a new bio.
    11. you can work in pairs. Meaning? Your first and second bio are partners in battle. Or You Can Ask Another Member To Be Your Partner But You Can Only Make 1 Bio If This Happens.
    12. When In Battle You Must Post the Terrain and make some rules. Like no Killing or No Abilities.
    13. You must describe your moves during a battle.
    14. You can dodge, but you have to explain how.
    15. Weapons Are Allowed

    Bio Template
    [size=4][b][u]Basic Information[/u][/b][/size]

    [u][b]Sexuality: [/b][/u]
    [u][b]Species:[/u][/b] (meteor freak, human)



    [size=4][b][u]Battle Stats[/u][/b][/size]

    [u][b]Powers:[/u][/b] (No More Then 3)





    [b][u]Music Theme[/u]:[/b]
  2. UzumakiJake
    Basic Information

    Name: Kal-el (Clark Kent, Superman)
    Age: 18
    Sexuality: M
    Species: Kryptonian
    Looks: 6'2" blue eyes, dark hair and a muscular build

    Personality: Shy and quite at times then there is the times im outgoing and preechy.

    Battle Stats

    Powers: Super Strength, Super Speed, Super Breathe



    History: Crash landed on earth as an infant when my planet exploaded with my arrival so did alot of meteor rocks which infected the humans turning them into super creatures. its my job to protect the people of earth and to find out my role umong them.


    Music Theme:
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