Do any of you just hate Noobs? or campers?

  1. 'Toxic
    'Toxic -in detention-
    I hate campers or noobs that use over powered guns. They go around saying there the best while all they do is camp in one damn spot to get kills. I don't care if there new, when first started I didn't camp! I went straight to kill and I did suck ass but I've gotten better si I am proud to say I don't camp, don't rape grenade launchers nor do I use over powered guns.
  2. CeeJay.
    Of course.
    What else can you expect from FPS multiplayer.
    Stats turn people wild.
  3. Jubi-Sama
    I hate campers. I acctually like sneaking up on them and pissing them off They just use Snipers and sit there for the whole game.
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