Story within a story..

  1. Gama
    For a long time now, he couldn't sleep. Every night he was dreaming about death and every day he was scared for his life.
    Untill one day, an old sage visited his village. Although no one saw his face, people thought the old sage could answer any question. Therefore, he decided to visit the old sage and see if he could get a solution for his problem.
    And so, after he learned that the sage is currently on the west side of his village near waterfalls he went there. After he arrived he saw the old sage meditating. With due respect he was waiting, until the old sage noticed his presence.

    "Why did you come here", sage asked him.

    "I have a big problem, every night i dream about death and i can't sleep, and every day i think about death and i am scared for my life so i can't find any peace at all", he replied.

    "Hmm, very well, let me tell you a story then.." and so, sage has began...
    -Someday, a servant went to the market to buy some suplies for his master. And so, on his way to the market servant saw Death, and then Death looked at him. Of course servant got scared, and ran away home as fast as he could! When he arrived the master asked him why is he so upset.

    "I saw Death ,my master, and it looked at me, please give me a good horse, and some money, i have to get out of here! If i go now, i may arrive at Tamur before night falls!"

    And master did so, and the servant headed to Tamur...Later that day, master himself went to the marked and saw death as well.

    "Why did you gave my servant a threatening look?" master asked the Death.

    "I didn't, i was surprised, because I was told i am supposed to take him at Temur tonight", Death answered.-
  2. Gama
    "Now i understand, by running away from the death, we are actually heading towards it!", man concluded.

    "That is right", the old sage smiled.

    "I don't know how to thank you for what you have done. From today on i shall not be scared any more, i shall sleep peacefully and wake up every morning looking farward to every new day!"

    "From today one there will be no more mornings", old sage replied.

    "I don't understand", man was confused.

    "Then you didn't understand the story", expression on the old sage's face sudenly changed...
  3. Gama
    I am sorry i had to put story in two separate posts, stupid 2000 characters limit

    Soo, what do you think, why sage told him he didn't understand the story?
  4. basegirl
    the story is awesome!

    hmmm i'm gonna have to think about it more.....
  5. basegirl
    is it cuz the sage is Death? O.o
    the man came for advice, and then met Death?!
    is that it?
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