Introduce Yourself !!

    I made this cuz i don't know some people here ...and i wanna know about them...
    so post any thing u wish
    Like location ....hobbies ... etc etc ...
    and ( mandatory question) why do u read naruto ???

    Okay I will start ...

    U can see my username lol !
    I m from India -- an exotic subcontinent in southern asia ...
    Amazing country ... Visit it and see urself !! lol

    My hobbies are -- many
    lke reading ... drawing characters ....playinfg soccer
    Oh and my fav show is The Big Bang Theory ( second to naruto ofcourse )

    I like naruto cuz : cuz its story is amazing ... the characters are amazing too jiraiya ...itachi ..hinata ...minato etc etc ...... i started reading naruto cuz .... I like to read ( i don't watch anime , except fights) and it gives message... like " it doesn't matter who u are , if u work hard , u will definitely achieve success ...or there is no shot cut to success etc etc ,....oh one more
    " -those who break the rules are scum , but those who abandon their friends are worse thn that "
    Kishimoto ---> :worshippy:

    Oh and Hello every one !! for u all :ice:
  2. basegirl
    my name is vanja....
    i'm from serbia (southern europe)
    my hobbies are tennis and volleyball, but i love to listen to music...i do it all the time
    favorite show is naruto of course.....but i love dr house....
    i read and watch naruto because it's an awesome show, with a message....not one but favorite characters are naruto, minato jiraiya, kushina, itachi and hinata....
    i think naruto as a character represents many things: loyalty, friendship, kindness, caring, determination, belief in people, strong spirit, love.....
    and the main message i think naruto sends is in japanese- "nikushimi no nai sekai" or in english "the world without hatred"....
    which i hope will be achieved by the end of the series
  3. 0neCrazyAngel
    name: s0ciaLoutcast
    location: im asian living in hawaii
    hobbies: writing poems. im trying to develop it coz i suck at it at the moment. um, reading
    fave show: naruto, bleach, dr. house, supernatural
    fave char from naruto: naruto, minato, jiraiya, hinata, gaara, itachi, kakashi
    why im watching it? same reason as basegirl.

    hi to all of u too!
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