One hour of your time..

  1. Gama
    Once upon a time, after one of many work days have ended, father of one certain boy came home..
    After he at his dinner, he headed towards his bedroom. And there, he saw his little son waiting for him..
    "Daddy, how worth is one hour of your time", little boy asked him..
    "What, why..!?, his father mumbled, still heading towards bedroom..
    "Nothing special, i was just wondering", the little boy replied..
    "It's 20$ per hour.."
    "Uh, daddy, i was wondering could you, maybe, land me a 20$?", he asked politely..
    "What?! No! Go to your room", father shouted...
    And so, father went to sleep, and boy went to his room..
    But father couldn't fall asleep, he, kinda felt guilty for shouting at his young son for no reason, and so he get up and went to his son's room..
    And so, he gave him 20$..
    "Are you happy now", father asked..
    "Yahow, now I have 20$. May I buy one hour of your time daddy?", little boy said, smiling, lending 20$ to his father..
  2. basegirl
    awww that's so sweet :3
  3. 0neCrazyAngel
    that was sweet and sad that a kid need to buy his parents time jst so he c0uld spend it with them. Nice st0ry!
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