ep 21 discussion

  1. UchihaxSenju
    Summary: Asuna does a close attempt to escape. Kirito and Lyfa arrive at Arun. Suguha and Kazuto visit Asuna. Once they logged back in Lyfa cries of a broken heart. As they were walking, Yui detects Asuna above them. Kirito then flies without thinking.

    -End of Summary-
  2. -Carnage-
    im watching it right now ...

    EDIT:...im so pissed right now...i hate when an episode ends!! it always keeps me in suspense
    this week better go by fast, cause i want to see the next episode
  3. ryan221
    This is the first SAO episode that i dislike.
    First-were those 2 things real humans or programs?If they were humans than that's really not right,as who would be so sick minded to take that form.
    Second-Whats with asuna,she was a a captain yet she can't fight them,even worse when the other guy left she could have taken the one.
    And last Suguha new a lot of stuff about asuna,her username and so but she didn't know about her cousin,that is so wrong.At least she would know his username and asked Kirito why would he use the same username as her cousin used in SAO.
  4. Frikid
    slow net, can't watch =/
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