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  1. UchihaxSenju

    Asuna hears the voice of Yui and drops the card she stole last ep. after receiving it, Kirito decides to confront the place that could lead to Asuna knowing the dangers of it. after fighting at least a dozen of the guardians, Kirito eventually lost all health. Lyfa then comes to rescue Kirito. Kirito, after being revived wanted to give it another shot with Lyfa stopping him. Suddenly Kirito mentions Asuna to Lyfa's shock, she finds out Kirito is his cousin Kazuto. Kazuto then confronts Suguha which ends with both sides facing problems.

  2. -Carnage-
    im confused...what is sugu mad about?
    but i like the episode overall
  3. Netsui
    @Carnage If I'm right, then she was mad because she was falling in love with Kirito. She started liking Kazuto, but she continued to act like she was his sister. Since Kirito loved Asuna, she didn't want to hurt him by telling him how she felt. Then whenever she met Kirito in ALF, she started to like him. Since she found out Kirito was actually Kazuto, she was mad because it just turned out to be him again. Which is why she said it wasn't fair.
  4. -Carnage-
    oh..but arent they like cousins?..
  5. Netsui
    @Carnage Yeah, they are cousins. Though for a while Sugu thought Kazuto was her brother, and she found out while he was trapped in SAO.
  6. Xaviour

    Loved the fight scenes where he was inspired to keep fighting harder and harder through his memories with Asuna. It was very emotional. I

    t looks like his real life problems have finally caught up to him I feel bad for Sugu, but at the same time it's kinda silly to try and fall in love with someone online and your cousin (although over there society is different*)

    I suppose that Kirito can't cast his transformation spell without leaving himself completely open, I feel as though if he has turned into the monster he could've just swiped away all of the archer type guardians lol. Or maybe he can't fly when he's in that form, or maybe it's too big of a target to be practical etc. Alas, I shall put my faith into the swiftness of the storyline and wait patiently for next week.

  7. UchihaxSenju
    this is pretty much how Kirito feels ever since he came back from SAO
    “I… in truth, still have not come back from that world. I’m not finished yet. My reality can’t start until she opens her eyes..”
    -Kirigaya Kazuto
    if u read the LN u should know which volume and chapter i got that quote from...

    @Xaviour pretty sure he was aiming for the top not too kill all the guardians
  8. ryan221
    Finally,he lost a fight.
  9. Xaviour
    UchihaxSenju - I don't see him being able to reach the top with all of those archers, they'll just shoot him down again if he tries. Tis why I am wondering about his hallucination magic...

    Ryan - I thought the same thing as well when he lost

    Perhaps he'll round up some allies and go in with a full sized raid. Then I think he'll stand a chance but apparently all the races don't want to tackle a tower together... perhaps the two heads from the episode where he saved the meeting will help him. Either way he's got to change his thinking of "moving forward" in order to keep a level head and not rush in and try to grab a door on a ceiling. He should change his thoughts from "the fastest way is straight through the enemy" to "the fastest way is by taking my time and gaining some more allies". He really saw his own limitations blah blah blah...

    ARGH I want the next episode so bad!
  10. Netsui
    There's one thing I'm wondering though. We looked at all those enemies in there. Do you think there's an end to them? I think they'll just keep on reappearing whenever they die. I think the secret to getting up there is attacking with a raid, and sneaking your way up to the top. I only think this because Kirito tried to reach the top, even though he didn't defeat all of the enemies.
  11. UchihaxSenju
    dont want to spoil too much but heathcliff is alive
  12. -Carnage-
    which one's heathcliff?.
  13. Netsui
    @Carnage Heathcliff was the creator of SAO. He's the one that "killed" Asuna and Kirito.
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