The path to end hatred!

  1. UchihaMadara026
    What is the "path to end hatred" so the world will become one, no losers just winners. I am erupted to meet the last Uchiha surviving the massacre. Itachi Uchiha ending the Uchiha is pathetic when life become's one everything is going to be finished. My brother offering his eyes so i can developed power is nothing more that a mere illusion. This world will end and everything will become one.
  2. Ldude
    However, if the Uchiha were still alive, there would be opposition to infinite tsukuyomi.. Could it be that they died for abetter cause, so that they may be revived into a better world? Obito helped kill them, after all, and for what purpose. Infinite tsukuyomi will prevail, no matter the means.
  3. BabeyyPinkk
    Is there more to this life? what if this world has a secret? a secret, a dangerous one, one that could lead to a new beginning without ending it all and all uchiha men will rise and lead a world to peace without hatred.
  4. XhiaUchiha
    Do recall that as long as we live in this world of man. War and hatred will exist. As long as we love the feelings of hate will remain. There cannot be yin without yang
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