Sasuke can defeat minato true or false

  1. Greatsage
    Sasuke has exceeded most his equal and even jounins and kages,and with susano he be able to beat minato
  2. roblance
    no minato has more time under his belt then sasuke so i an sure minato would win
  3. TouShIRO
    Don't think he can defeat minato
  4. Chakra Wizard
    Chakra Wizard
    His speed would keep him out of Sasuke's reach. Coupled with how wise and battle-smart he is, I doubt Sasuke could touch him.
  5. Hizama
    Naruto will beat sasuke because he's Minato's only child.
  6. geehara
    I think sasuke will win
  7. General PSX360
    General PSX360
    Minato's FTG Technique gives him the advantage through speed..
    I think Minato takes this... IMO
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