Round 1 Pool 4: DeadManWonderLand vs. Tazzilla88

  1. Tazzilla88
    What I call plagiarism is directly quoting a source without giving any indication that it is a medium outside of your own mind, but I'm not here to squabble over plagiarism. I didn't say that Kimimaro could only use Dance of the Seedling Fern in sand, in fact, I said he could use it in water as well. What seems unlikely given the fact that we've seen Kimimaro's strongest bone shatter when put against tough minerals is that Dance of the Seedling Fern will successfully pierce rock, like you claimed. It also seems likely considering Samahada was able to break rock that he could break through Kimimaro's bone. You continue to mention the Earth seal curse mark without bothering to expound on how it is particularly relevant beyond what is commonly known. Beyond that I would argue if Kimimaro has that as a very powerful tool, the tool does not make the ninja, how the ninja uses the tools available makes the ninja. So he has the seal, but if he is not using the seal to its full potential it doesn't really matter how powerful it is. It is only likely that Kisame would fuse with samahada after Kimimaro is under water. Changing to his slower bulkier form isn't to Kimimaro's best advantage. He would them be subject to trying to attack Kisame in his own element and would be trapped without air. It would be better for him to try stay in form one to get above water again.
    Think of debating like chess, it is common to think several moves ahead of your opponent and counter the openings you see before those openings are ever there. That's what I did. You had every opportunity to suggest what it is Kimimaro would do and without a clear plan of action from your side, I did what I had to do in order to progess this into the action phase. Sitting in the corner, and mumbling "your doing my job" doesn't help in a debate. I realized you may not have seen my debating style before and its basely largely on the way philosophers debate, as I am a philosophy major. Yet, the philosophers understand the points being express and still manage to have a functional debate. Now, I am open to debate, but I will debate in the way that I've been trained to debate. You need to assert your points regardless or correct my assumptions when they are made and tell me what your character would do
  2. Floydical
    This debate is now closed.
  3. Tazzilla88
    I was wondering If this match can be judged so I can get my next match before school restarts.
  4. Floydical
    Since this match was delayed a very long time, it was put in the back of our minds as judges. I will remind the corresponding judges to judge it.
  5. Owarij
    Wow , in this debate you guys really had your differences , even had claims of plagiarism in the mix T.T.... I was actually surprised noone talked about kimimaro's disease and lack of stamina ...It very much puts him at a disadvantage in this fight.. but hey your debate ... In terms of who stood out the most in this match, who brought the hardest points, I would say Tazilla88 won, You guys had a difference in debating style but from reading your points deadman didn't really supply strong enough arguments to fully refute the ones Tazilla88
  6. Floydical
    Just to clarify things for the other judges assigned to this match, Kimimaro's disease was never considered a factor in this debate. I'm glad to hear that it did not come up because I did not intend for it to play a role in the debate. It clearly did not sway Owarij's decision, but I just wanted to bring that up for the other judges assigned this match.
  7. Floydical
    Since the other judges assigned this match are MIA, I will plan to judge it soon. If needed, I will try to get Uzumaki to do the same.
  8. kakashi owns all
    kakashi owns all
    tazz i think you really miss the mark in this match something i would have stressed is
    kisame = massive stamina monster
    kimmaro -= poor stamina diseased ridden
    i feel sorry for you i dont really like this match up, that being said you defened your points well and make the match seem like kimmaro has a true chance of winning that being said

    opening post
    dead - 9
    tazz - 8.5 ( one point deduction for late post)
    middle debate
    tazz- 8.5
    dead - 8
    dead - 7.5
    tazz- 8

    dead - 24.5 / 30
    tazz - 25/30
  9. Tazzilla88
    KOA The disease wasn't supposed to play a part of the battle strategy as it was not intended to affect this battle. And we can't really extrapolate where a Healthy Kimmimaro would be thus saying Kisame has tons of chakra versus an opponent with an unquantified amount didn't seem like good strategy. Even if it had come up, while Kisame can assuredly last in a battle of attrition his stamina is only relevant insofar as the opponent attempting such a victory. But that wasn't a strategy DMWL pursued. Rather the method employed suggested snipe based attacks via mayfly.
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