Round 1 Pool 4 Part 2: MilwaukeegHost vs. Solo

  1. Owarij
    Wow this was an intense match, worthy debate by two worthy debaters....I found myself routing for different people at different points in reading your points...MilwaukeegHost you came strong in the intro , delivered great points and I Thought you were definitely going to win this , but solo also came with intense arguments, deciding the winner here was extremely difficult....I do however disagree with a few things both of you said, but it doesn't really matter...I believe Solo came out slightly on top for this one, he definitely countered alot of your points Milwaukee, and his argument about the funjutsu. which is pretty much the deciding factor in this match was pretty solid...
  2. Floydical
    Since the other judges assigned this match are MIA, I will plan to judge it soon. If needed, I will try to get Uzumaki to do the same.
  3. kakashi owns all
    kakashi owns all
    MilwaukeegHost- you did what this debate was meant to prove i mean on paper its seems danzo would win the match but after a long debate i think you get your points all down.

    Solo - i think you defenity had a catchup job after the first post and you did it well making it very close and hard to call.

    opening post
    mil- 8.5
    solo- 7

    middle ( none closing)
    mil - 8
    solo - 9 ( i think you countered points far better then most can)

    solo - 4, i truely dont like how you put all your egg in one basict
    mil - 6.5 i think it sums up your points nicely in a concise way


    mil - 23/30
    solo - 20/30

    close debate guys.
  4. Floydical
    Milwaukee, I like that you started out by countering Izanagi, but I think you overestimated its downfalls. Clearly Danzo performed for the duration of his battle with Sasuke, a battle that was significantly longer than this Izanagi battle would last. He had 10 eyes in that fight, so its only logical to say that he'd walk away from the Izanagi part of this battle with Chakra to spare if in fact the battle came to that. I also feel that you were a little hasty bringing up a mokouton possession as that implies he expends at least 90% of his chakra, something that would not happen in the Izanagi battle alone. I like your argument about Tsunade being able to simply hold him down and let Izanagi wear off, but what Izanagi does is change an event. The reason Danzo did not use Izanagi until after dieing is because he only wanted to use it when he felt he had to, or he simply let it auto-activate. Remember that the technique is about rewriting things the way you want to, therefore the manga implies that it can theoretically change anything, not just a death.

    Solo, I feel that you did an adequate job of countering Milwaukee's posts in the beginning, but nothing really too impressive. I agree with your arguments about Tsunade being slow and easily dodged when it comes to her physical attacks, but clearly the summoning of Katsuya herself was not the reason for her being low on chakra in that scan, it was because she was distributing chakra to the entire village via Katsuya. I think you made a very clever catch when it came to Chiyo controlling Sakura when it came to avoiding Sasori, good job.

    Milwaukee, I think its a little much to assume Danzo has no prediction capabilities with his Sharingan. Yes, he has no notable genjutsu that he can perform, but the sharingan prediction qualities in regard to tracking movements and reading hand signs is a given. If anything, the reason it was not clarified is because we had seen it in the manga many times and thus it would have been overkill. Again, I feel that Danzo has the basic sharingan prediction capabilties at a minimum. I don't feel that your posts on Madara are all that convincing. Madara clearly stated at times in the manga that he was letting hits get through on purpose. Not only that, but Madara knows that he is an edo and was clearly doing things and taking greater risks than he would ever normally given his immortal state. What I am saying is that I don't find the battle with Madara compelling to this debate, other than proving her shear power, which is not really an arguable point anyway.

    On a more personal note, Milwaukee, I honestly feel that you often over-explain things or go into counters that would otherwise be best left for the opponent to bring up. Sometimes this may give your opponent ideas they didn't necessarily think of on their own, so its often better to let them bring things up then counter them then. Solo, I feel it would benefit you to attempt to use more counters that last more than one line. Clearly you get your point across when you only respond with one line, but it will always benefit you to explain yourself a little more in-depth in order to guarantee you are getting your point across.

    All in all, I feel that you both did a good job covering the bases on every major aspect of this debate that needed to be referenced. Clearly, Milwaukee considered Izanagi to be the primary factor in this debate while Solo considered it more of an afterthought, perhaps something more to fall back on if he had to. Overall, I feel that Milwaukee made some pretty broad assumptions and said a few things that I did not agree with and felt were mistakes. However, Solo also had some statements I did not agree with and despite the fact that his counters were very direct and usually spot-on, in my opinion, I felt he left a little to be desired at times, which I've already stated. Essentially I'm saying that I feel Solo could have squeezed a little more out of his counters or in general could have done a little more to emphasize Milwaukee's mistakes.

    In the end, I feel that you both brought up all the necessary information to prove your combatant could win, but I feel that Milwaukee's overall arguments convinced me more. I felt that certain things you focused on, like Byakugou, Katsuya, and most notably her nerve rearrangement justu, convinced me that she would have a better overall chance of winning than I originally thought. I want to congratulate both of you, this was a very good and hard to judge debate.

    Now its probably nothing, but I noticed a possible flaw with with KOA's scorecard and how he added them up, so I just want to check with him that his judging was accurate before I call this match decided.
  5. kakashi owns all
    kakashi owns all
    my post is fine as is,

    i say all eggs in one baskit as you say "Because with Byakugo... I have no clue how to beat her. " meaning your whole plan goes around this. Also just as a note your closeing was very short so that why it was rated low.

    pm me if there are any questions
  6. Floydical
    That decides it then, Milwaukee is moving on and Solo will face the winner of DeadMan and Kirikoe in a tie breaker to decide who moves on.
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