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  1. Solo
    Awww.. I lost.

    Good debate, Milwaukee.
  2. MilwaukeegHost
    Solo, great debate. You are a good debater--if you win your next match, we will have our rematch. I'll be waiting... Good luck :D

    As I have more debates, the competition seems to get more relentless.
    I'm new to this site so I really dont know anyone, but I think some of the best debate members are in this tournament (besides the person who referred me, BLAZE). I can only imagine how hard the next matches will be VS other debaters in other Pools ("IF" I survive Round 2).

    Note: I know this entire debate is created and maintained by regular members of NB, so I want to thank you again for all the hard work. The debate tournament is moving alittle slow but thats b/c there are only a few judges responsible for doing everything--everyone appreciates your efforts!
  3. LolaxXx
    Am i ever gonna go?
  4. ~Puppet Master~
    ~Puppet Master~
    You will either fight me or Prefontaine, and our match has yet to be judged
  5. Anub
    I am officially announcing my resignation from this tourney and also from NB forums. Work doesn't allow me too much spare time and NB and I have gradually parted ways in the past months. I've mostly been active in the 3 tourneys that we held here anyway, so no one will really miss me But for those who I've worked with in the previous tourneys(judging or debating), good luck.
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