Round 1 Pool 2 Part 2: Prince Charles vs. TobisPawn

  1. Floydical
    Itachi vs. Bee (created by Floydical)

    Prince Charles: Bee

    TobisPawn: Itachi

    Restrictions: Itachi has MS but not Izanami. Bee cannot use full Beast Mode and cannot use any of his specialty ink sealing Jutsu. Bee does have Samehada at his disposal. Itachi shows no signs of his illness nor the side effects of his MS.

    Knowledge: Both have full knowledge.

    Starting Distance: 25 metres

    Location: Open field

    Intent: Kill

    To clarify some things from my postings, you are limited to 15 post total that will be counted for scoring. From your 16th post on, you will not get credit for anything you stated. Keep all responses to a maximum of 20 lines, if you notice your response is more than that after posting it, please edit it as soon as you notice. If you have any posts at the end of the debate with more than 20 lines, you will get a DQ. This obviously does not count images you post or links you post to show evidence from the manga, only your lines of text. If you apply titles of some sort to clarify sections of your post this will not be counted either, again, only lines of text count. If you have any specific questions about the match, message me or Uzumaki and we will clarify it in this thread. Again, do not post in this thread until you are posting an argument, any and all posts you make count toward the 15 total.

    Debaters note: THIS MATCH WILL NOT EXPIRE UNTIL TUESDAY THE 12TH. PC, if you want you can go ahead and post first. Due to the forfeits, this is now an elimination match, winner moves to round 2.

    Either one of you can post first. Begin!
  2. Prince Charles
    Prince Charles
    Ill start off, it won't be easy considering im a huge fan of itachi but, here i go.

    Itachi Katon techs
    As shown in the manga Samehada as a counter against itachi"s katon techs.

    The majority of Itachi"s large scale Katon techs will be reduced to nothing by Samehada.

    Note that even though Bee cannot go full bijuu mode he can still turn some of his body parts in the 8 tails. The 8tails skin can be a good counter to itachis katon attacks and Bee can make his tentacle go beneath itachi as a surprise attack.

    Considering Bee has knowledge on itachi, he will know to be cautious of his Genjutsu/Tysukuyomi.
    Itachis regular genjutsu won't be a major problem considering Bee has been shown to brake it.

    His only real problem would be Tysukuyomi. But you'll notice in part one against kakashi, it takes a while for itachi to store chakra and concentrate for tysukuyomi for the opponent as shown with kakashi.

    ^^ During the time that itachi is closing his eyes for the concentration of tysukuyomi, Bee can can easily speed blitz him.
    Also when it comes to speed Bee has the advantage here, as shown against sasuke as he had trouble against Bee and eventually got caught off gaurd the same thing would happen to Itachi.

    Amaterasu is a non factor here and it cam easily be countered by Bee.
    Note that when itachi uses amaterasu it takes a considerable amount of time for him to concentrate and build up a certain amount of chakra, As shown in the manga.

    Also as you should know Amaterasu has a bleeding effect seconds before it releases as shown in the manga.

    As soon as bee notices blood coming down from itachis eye he will quickly know he is about to use amaterasu and make sure to get out of the sharigan sight to avoid it.

    Also noted by the manga and itachi and noticed by sasuke himself that amaterasu and tysukuyomi has a huge toll on itachis body.

    Samehadas healing abilties
    As shown against Bee samehada can steal away opponents giving it to the user as a form of stanima and heal fatal injuries, because of this itachi will have to be cautious of close combat.

    Ink Creation
    Bee can ude this jutsu to blind itachi for a period of time or simply as a diversion like he did against Kisame.
  3. TobisPawn
    Alright, I guess I'll work on countering your posts. First off, Samaheda dislikes Katon, and I doubt it'd be fine taking on so many, and it's possible Bee wouldn't even let it. So Samaheda won't be rendering all of Itachi's Katon useless, let alone Amaterasu. Especially since the OP states Itachi doesn't suffer any MS side-effects, he can spam Amaterasu, making it a living hell for Samaheda and Bee; one hit, and it's over.

    As for Bee's surprise attacks: It should be noted in the same panel that Bee was surprised by Itachi's surprise attack, hence the "!!?" On top of that, he's outsped Bee before, and this time Bee won't have any warning before hand. Also, this time Itachi can have an exploding clone Shunshin behind Bee, so Bee's hit by the explosion. You also showed a scan where Bee "surprised" Itachi with a tentacle, yet in that very same situation, Itachi was fooling Bee with a Genjutsu. So, considering Itachi's superior speed and his Genjutsu, Bee wont be surprising Itachi any time soon.

    Your counter to regular Genjutsu is true, but Itachi can always expand on the time it takes for Bee to break out. For example, say Itachi uses Amaterasu instead of chucking a shuriken at Bee, what would Bee do? And Itachi, who's been able to activate Susanoo lighting fast (read from onwards) can rush in with a Totsuka Blitz to finish Bee off.

    Actually, in a more recent Part 2, Itachi's shown that he can activate Tsukuyomi instantly. He can always store chakra during the fight, and the second Bee makes eye-contact, it's over for him. And, actually, Itachi has the speed advantage. Bee, using his 7-sword style (that got Sasuke), couldn't Itachi once. The Itachi vs Sasuke fight shouldn't be used as an example, as Itachi was near-blind (which he isn't near), and his reactions weren't at their peak, as said by Zetsu here and here. And in a few paragraphs above, I've shown why Itachi has superior speed than Bee.

    And that thing with Amaterasu is false. In a more recent showing (where Itachi, as said in the OP, isn't ill or blind), Itachi used Amaterasu instantly, so Bee wont have time to react. And Bee can possibly avoid Amaterasu, but that's only if he's around the same speed as V2 A. And seeing as Bee was being outsped by Itachi, it's doubtful. Also, OP states that there are no MS side-effects, so Itachi can use it a good deal more than in his fight with Sasuke before he collapses. With Itachi's superior speed and tactics, one of those are bound to hit (meaning a sure-loss for Bee).

    Samaheda already failed to hit Itachi in CQC, so it wont be stealing any chakra. Also, Itachi can use Susanoo's rib-cage to aid him, or even it's full form. Yata Mirror deflects any of Bee's attacks, and one hit with Totsuka is over. The Ink Creation is easily avoided by Itachi's superior speed.

    Overall, Itachi just has the superior speed and better finishing moves (Amaterasu, Tsukuyomi, and Totsuka, all of which are one-shots). Bee can't keep up, and especially with Itachi having no MS side effects, it should be an easy victory.
  4. Floydical
    To clarify, 'side effects of his MS' refer to blurred vision. So Itachi is not suffering from his illness nor his blurred vision, that is the extent of these details. If this changes your responses, I will allow you to edit your posts accordingly. Also keep in mind the 20 line limit (specified in the OP) so please edit posts accordingly.
  5. Prince Charles
    Prince Charles
    Regarding the Ms side effects, it has been cleared up so in reality itachi is still prone to the chakra consumption so he cannot spam amaterasu nor tysukuyomi.

    As for samehada, you have a point regarding its taste buds don't favor katon, but since Bee already is aware of that, he will be careful as too how much katon he exposes to samehada as a counterattack for itachi.

    Regarding the speed feats of itachi against speed are accurate but i can counter with the fact that Bee was also against a rinnegan user, You could say Bee"s primary focus wasn't on itachi hence him getting surprised so much.

    Itachi activate sussano lightning fast?…!!%20/ch391_UK_Page_02-03.png…!!%20/ch391_UK_Page_04.png…!!%20/ch391_UK_Page_07.png

    ^^itachi practically saw kirin forming and got a heads up before impact that it was aiming for him.

    By the time itachi is ready to use amaterasu Bee would had already probably broken out of it as seeing amaterasu takes longer than throwing a shuriken.

    Your statement regarding itachi using tysykuyomi is merely an assumption for all we know he could had been storing up chakra behind that rock where he was standing that very moment.

    Superior in speed? Note i mainly used the itachi vs sasuke for my amaterasu and tysukuyomi references. Also on topic regarding speed, rember that Bee never went V2 mode against itachi.. So keep that in mind.

    As for your scan showing itachi using amaterasu instantly note that itachis edo form could have had something to do with it because as we seen with living itachi he closes his eye to store up chakra and concentrates, so his edo form in a way could had enhanced him.

    My Amaterasu case still holds significantly because before amaterasu activates his eye bleeds which would indicate to Bee that itachi is about to use amaterasu thus making able to dodge it.

    Floydical already cleared up the whole MS side effects, it simply restricts itachid illness and blurred vision, NOT chakra consumption so itachi cant use a good amount amaterasu same for tysukuyomi.

    Ill go on a limb here and say V2 is most,likely greatet Imo. Bee doesn't even need to hit itachi with samehada to steal chakra, he can simply transfer some of the 8 tails chakea into samehada using it as a way to heal himself.
  6. Floydical
    TobisPawn will get one more post an this match is closed.
  7. Floydical
    TobisPawn has until the 26th at 10pm eastern to post, then this match will close.
  8. Floydical
    This match has been closed.
  9. Floydical
    I liked this debate but I will limit my response because the debate was not actually finished and one of the debaters misinterpreted the specifics of the debate without altering his response. I think you both did a good job creating scenarios for your combatant, but the fact that Prince Charles stuck with the debate, adapted to the clarifications and had the advantage of an additional post that was never countered, I think he wins this debate. Well done.
  10. Owarij
    o start of, this debate was really short and Prince charles seemed to have an extra post, but nonetheless, Tobiispawn's rebuttal covered key factors such as Samehada's inability to consume continuous amounts of fire.. Itachi's base speed which is above Bee's non v2 form

    Prince charles used old Itachi arguments which were iffy on the factual premise... the scan may not have been Itachi storing up chakra.. It could have easily been him just talking to kakashi before using the ability , that's just my two cents..

    Tobiispawn countered with scenes from part 2 that show these abiltiies executing with significant less prep time.

    Because of this, I never saw itachi's oneshot abilities actually countered, mostly refering to the whole Tsukyomi argument. also, Prince charles, the majority of your posts from beginning to end were more of a defensive nature, especially since you got first post, you should have talked more of a strategy for Killer bee to win, but instead you started with his counters to Itachi's abilities and not much more.

    which Is why i'm giving Tobi this win.
  11. ~Uzumaki~
    Bee Vs

    Tobi gave more valid points, I felt Prince didn't counter them much. Like Tsukuyomi was hardly mentioned, you could have made a decent case that Bee would have broken it. U didn't utilize the benefits of V2, which provides a full body shield for Katon and Amaterasu, along with speed boost to dodge Totsuka.

    Tobi wins in IMO.
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