Founder & Admin: Vermilion
Admin & Coordinator: Uzumaki Naruta
Co-Admin & Coordinator: Tsuki

Welcoming Committee members welcome new users and help them get started in various ways. There are "requirements" for joining us like a good attitude and a willingness to help newcomers get started.
If you´re a new member, feel free to join "Get started in NB" group ^^ (Link:

Requirements to enter/stay in the group:
- Over a month of registration
- Over 100 posts in the "Konnichi Wa" section
- Stay active: If you join the group just to have another one on your list you'll be removed
- Give warm welcomes not just texts such as " welcome."
- A cooperative attitude (not stealing other signature post - use only the pictures shown in the group not in other members post)
- Must read first post of the welcome thread

- If you already sent a request to join and weren´t accepted yet, DO NOT PANIC. Your posts will be checked before deciding if you´re in or not.
- If there is any suggestions or complaints about the Welcome Committee, feel free to VM/PM Uzumaki Naruta or Tsuki stating them. Thank you!

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