(A Wolfs Rain group) Long ago, wolves claimed the farthest corners of the land. The roamed freely with out any one challenging them. That was the way it was, until humans moved in. They tore down the large billowing ever-greens, maples, red woods, and many others...In their place they built giant concrete confinements with large hollowed out pillars which spewed out poison smokes, and liquids. As they did this. Many wolves got sick and died. Leaving their numbers dwindling at best.These humans soon sought out these beautiful creatures. Hunting them down and claiming their furs as their own, and they wore them in pride for the damage they'd done.

Many years later, the wolves slowly started to make a come back. They were immune to the poison, and in that it made them stronger. They adapted, and could conceal themselves with illusions. These adaptations made humans see wolves as one of them, and they never thought any different.

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