The Millefiore is a result of the merging of two separate Mafia families: the up-and-coming Gesso (ジェッソ, Jesso?) Family led by Byakuran, and the family with as much history as the Vongola, the Giglio Nero (ジッリョネロ, Jirryo Nero?) led by Uni. They are organized into two groups to distinguish their old families, which are then further separated into 18 different squads, each named for a plant or flower.[31] Those originally from the Giglio Nero are the Black Spell and have the tendency to engage in direct combat, while those from the Gesso are the White Spell and specialize in cunning battle tactics. There appears to be animosity between members of the White Spell and the Black Spell, resulting in a lack of communication and sabotage by individual squads. Their organization also possesses the Mare Rings, a set of seven rings on par with the Vongola Rings originally belonging solely to the Giglio Nero. The holders of which, save the holder of the Sky, are known as the six Funeral Wreaths.

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