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    What is this Aninote B.S.?

    Isn't this a hidden jutsu of the mist?
    I have heard of it before. Can anyone help me remember in which episode it was?
    I heard a friend talking about it

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    Re: What is this Aninote B.S.?

    Quote Originally Posted by Ishan Hokage View Post
    On a serious note, I was expecting some proper kind of stuff when I heard this thread about a website rebelling against NarutoBase ->
    Is this a wanna-be secret agent website?
    I think they thought NB would crap in their pants after seeing this.

    Oh well, at least make an effort if you're trying to do something of this sort rather than trying to become CIA
    I think and hope it's been settled. I talked to them earlier and the admins/mods were already aware of this situation.

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