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    Tales of Hikusa Chapter 16

    (Here’s Chapter 16! It’s all in all knowing! The fight continues! Play: )

    Ama jumped into the air, kunai in hand, and prepared to kill her lover! Hi, astonished, dodged, and yelled, “WHAT? AMA, DON’T YOU LOVE ME LIKE I LOVE YOU? DID EVERYTHING WE DO…WAS IT FOR NOTHING?” She had an indifferent countenance and tried to use the air palm. Hi was knocked back hard. “ANSWER ME, DAMN IT! DO YOU LOVE ME, OR WAS IT A LIE?”

    She paused. “I never loved you, I would never love scum. My sole purpose was to get close to you and assassinate you in the name of Lord Danzo. Now, die” Crying, Hi just dodged every swipe she swung and then a mindless, obedient form of Shinda came to ensnare Hi into a genjutsu.

    ‘Shoot. My soul mate and my lovely mother are trying to kill me! I’m trapped in her genjutsu now, something she is famous for!’ He could not move, and Danzo launched more blades of wind at him while he was trapped, using the Vacuum Sphere Jutsu. Ama then used her most powerful jutsu, 8 Trigrams 128 Palms on Hi, leaving him severely injured and without any of his own chakra.

    “It’s three against one, just give up”

    “Never!” he said as he broke the powerful genjutsu with the nine-tails cloak! “I swore I’d never use this, but desperate times call for desperate measures!” His skin appeared to be peeling off, and the bubbles around him disappeared. A purple or surrounded him, and inside his body went through a metamorphosis. {End}
    “He’s been in that thing for a while now”, Shinda said. Finally, the orb cracked open, and revealed that Hi now had four tails, and resembled a mini-Fox! {Play:} He quickly slashed off Shinda’s head, killing her, and flew straight at Danzo who was utterly stunned! Fu with last bit of his strength defended Danzo with his puppet of a shield. Hi smashed the once strong and durable puppet to tiny pieces, but it did guard Danzo well. Danzo leaped behind Hi and used a powerful jutsu called Wind Style: Vacuum Great Sphere. It formed a giant version of the Vacuum Sphere and damaged Hi by a lot.

    Next Danzo used, “Wind Style Stream!” to quickly change directions in midair towards Hi. Then he used, “Wind Style Kunai Blade!” to strength a kunai into a blade made of wind chakra. It easily pierced a weakened Hi. “You are only a partial Jinchuuriki! You can never accomplish what Naruto would! Naruto would have probably not been affected by my jutsu, but you were! The nine-tails chakra doesn’t heal YOU! SUMMONING JUTSU, BAKU!” A giant elephant chimera emerged, and sucked up everything in front of it with a powerful gale, Hi included! During the big ordeal, Hi used a chakra blast that increased in size as Baku sucked it! Baku was blown to bits on the inside, causing him to disappear! ‘He used a blast that was half the power of the real blast Naruto made in the four-tails mode! He took advantage of Baku’s suction and made it the size and power of the real one! This shows Hi can actually think during the transformation unlike Naruto!’ “RELEASE!” Danzo released the seal placed on Hi’s eyes, and the nine-tails chakra disappeared with it, revealing Hi’s normal body. “AMA, KILL HIM NOW!” {End and play:}

    Ama shouted, “Right!” She was leaping towards Danzo instead of Hi, and used, “8 TRIGRAMS MOUNTAIN CRUSHER!” Danzo flew with great ferocity as he took major damage and crashed 5.5 miles away.

    Fu and Torune, now crawling next to Fu, both shouted, “LORD DANZO!”

    Ama yelled, “I BROKE YOUR MID CONTROL! NO ONE, INCLUDING YOU, CAN EVER BREAK OUR LOVE! NOW, LEAVE US ALONE!” She went to Hi and healed him. He awoke and smiled.

    “Ama? If you don’t love me then why are you healing me?”

    “I do love you, it was all his mind control, but I broke it!” They kissed for a long time and passionately. “You may not have anymore chakra left, but I can defeat him, I have a little more than half left, and I can tell he has very little!”

    Torune told Fu, “This is bad! I’m sorry I couldn’t help, but it was because she sealed my chakra points! I couldn’t…and I still can’t mold chakra. When Lord Danzo destroyed the terrain, I could only hide and try to get to you. Anyway, let’s go get him!”

    “Right” {End}
    Danzo lay in the ground, panting. ‘My little, partial Jinchuuriki, you passed my test! I didn’t use my full strength, but half. Still, you are powerful! Without your mother and Ama’s help, I would have had to use my full strength!’ Ama was in midair, and used the Shuriken Shadow Clone Jutsu to create fifty shuriken all attached with bomb tags! Torune deflect all of them with his tanto.

    “Looks like I could do something without chakra! Fu, now!”

    “Right, I have enough chakra for one last minor jutsu! TELEPORTATION JUTSU!”

    They vanished in puffs of smoke as Danzo mumbled, “You were strong!” The shuriken exploded.

    “So, Hi, what do we do now?”

    “We move on after you heal me some more to our new home”


    After some time of healing, they passed the border and entered the Land of Grass. After a day’s worth of travel, they saw their cottage. Hi was delighted to see the grassy meadows not polluted and rivers so clean and pure! They entered the abandoned home, and hugged. Hi said, “We’re finally here! We’ll stay here until I feel safe! What a life we’ll have!”
    After a couple of months of peaceful, isolated life there, Hi brought up a topic to Ama. “There is one last issue pertaining to Danzo”

    “What is that?”

    “A Konoha messenger bird delivered to me this”

    “It did?”

    “It left behind a thick scroll!” Should I open it?”

    “Yes!” {Play:}

    He did, and read its contents in a surprised manner, “Dear Uchiha Hikusa, I admire your strength. You were more powerful than expected, even if I only used half my power. Here is a reward for defeating me at half strength: Your “mother” died, but shortly after I unsealed her soul and resealed it into here. Unseal it with a sacrifice to bring her back, but under no one’s control, permanently. Since I could not watch you closely as an ANBU, I had to make sure you would never harm Konoha again! Don’t worry by the way, the bird found you from scent, we still do not know you exact location. –Shimura Danzo”

    Hi can summon his mother back! The succeeding chapter describes his life in the Grass for the few months of his stay! Next time! Chapter 17, the last chapter of Part II, Life in the Grass!

    Here are the other chapters:

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    Re: Tales of Hikusa Chapter 16

    but could you state how Ama got trapped by mind control?
    nice grammar and nice flow of the story

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