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    Destiny (Chapter 2)


    Chapter 2


    A small devilish smirk overcomes Azula's face while Ty Lee looks on in confusion.

    Ty Lee: "Iroh's coming? That's great!"

    Zuko faceplams.

    Zuko: "He's coming on Father's behalf. That's anything but great."

    Ty Lee: "You don't actually think Iroh will....."

    Azula: "It doesn't matter. We'll confront this little problem when he arrives here, which will atleast be a day. Until then, we act as if there is no problem, which is partially true."

    Zuko: "Don't underestimate him, Azula. He knows everything there is to know about Firebending."

    Azula: "Then you, his beloved student, will wait at the bay. Don't worry though. Mai can tag along."

    Mai: "Sure, whatever. Let's go Zuko."

    Zuko: "I'm not taking orders from her."

    Mai: "Then stay here and argue with her, like you do everyday. You know where you can find me."

    Mai leaves. Zuko looks on and then quickly follows.

    Ty Lee: "Where should I put your clothes?"

    Zuko, who shouts from down the hall: "In my room!"

    Ty Lee looks back at Azula, who is now sitting back down on the couch with Jet's arm around her.

    Ty Lee: "Azula! I brought you something."

    Azula: "Lay it on my dresser, on your way to Zuko's room."

    Ty Lee: "But-"

    Jet takes his toothpick out of his mouth.

    Jet: "You heard her."

    Jet puts his toothpick back in his mouth.

    Ty Lee: "Okay."

    As Ty Lee walks down to the right, down a separate hall to their rooms, Azula gives a small glance of anger towards Jet, who is staring out at the sky, and looks back at Ty Lee.

    At the bay, Mai and Zuko open the door into the dockhouse. Zuko coughs as dust surrounds him and exits through the door.

    Zuko: "Is she serious?! We have to actually sleep here tonight?"

    Mai: "Atleast we're away from them....."

    Mai and Zuko sit on the bed.

    Mai: "Zuko? Are you actually ready to confront your Uncle?"

    Zuko: "I don't know. He's been more of a father to me then my own. He truly does care for me more than I do myself."

    Zuko looks at the mirror in the corner.

    Zuko: "Sometimes I wonder why I chose the path that I did. It's my destiny to be Firelord....I know it...But is this the right path?"

    Mai: "Do you think it is?"

    Zuko: "I don't know. He would though."

    Mai: "What do you think he would say?"

    Zuko: "That it's not right. I tried to kill the Avatar, the only person who can bring peace to this world, in order to be a redeemed Prince again. I've really made some wrong choices."

    Zuko looks at Mai.

    Zuko: "But, atleast I've made one right one.

    Zuko smiles and kisses Mai.

    Back at the castle main room...

    Jet: "I think it's time we eat. I'll go get the servant. Feels nice to have a servant, you know."

    Jet gets up and walks towards the right side's hall.

    Jet: "Be back."

    Jet smiles and Azula gives a small smile back.

    Observing the blue ocean sea, Iroh removes his hood as the captain walks up behind him.

    Captain: "Are you finding your stay pleasant?"

    Iroh: "Yes. The tea is delicious. How soon until we arrive to Ba Sing Se?"

    Captain: "Later today if we continue to sail."

    Iroh: "Rest tonight. We can arrive tomorrow evening. Rest does the body good, and clears the mind. Plus, I need a good nap."

    Iroh chuckles.

    Captain: "Yes, sir."

    The captain leaves and Iroh looks up into the sun.

    Iroh: "Prince Zuko...Soon we shall meet again, but I wonder...has your heart changed? Can you now see clearly?"

    At the caslte, Ty Lee exits Zuko's room and walks into Azulas.

    Ty Lee: "Jet think he's just so smart. He may be King, but he's not the boss of me."

    Ty Lee looks at the ruby necklace she bought for Azula, which she's holding in her hand.

    Ty Lee: "I know I shouldn't be mad, because you're happy and I'm happy you are....I just sometimes wish that instead of'd be...."

    Jet: "Need some help?"

    Ty Lee turns around and sees Jet leaning against the wall.

    Ty Lee: "No, I don't, thank you very much. I was just putting this gift in Azula's dresser."

    Jet: "Really? Sounded to me you were talking to yourself about Azula....about me."

    Ty Lee: "So? What if I was thinking out loud?"

    Jet: "I just want you to know something."

    Jet pulls out one of his old Freedom Fighter hooks, which is now decked in Fire Nation armor, and points it at Ty Lee

    Jet: "You really don't want to upset me or Azula, especially me. See, either way, I get a little angry. And, well, we all know what happens when I get angry. Ask Longshot or one of my other buddies in prison. You saw what I did to them anyways.

    Ty Lee: "I'm telling Azula."

    Jet: "No, no. Listen to this. If you tell, I'll do the same to you if you come between me and Azula.

    Ty Lee looks at Jet with anger in her eyes.

    Ty Lee: "Just try me!"

    Jet: "Hold on there. Let's say you do tell what happened here. Who will she believe? The king and love of her life, or one of her stupid annoying friends?"

    Ty Lee begins to cry a little.

    Jet: "That's what I thought, but hold up, don't cry. I'm not even at the best part yet. I'm not the only one who doesn't like you, you know? Everyone is annoyed by you, especially Azula. You should see her expressions when you speak, or better yet, listen to how she always talks about you when you're not around."

    Ty Lee begins pouring of tears.

    Jet: "Good, we understand each other. Now, go rest. Big day tomorrow."

    Ty Lee puts the necklace in the dresser and walks towards Jet with her sorrow mixing with anger, while getting in his face.

    Ty Lee: "I am NOT afraid of you,.....but I won't tell Azula....She's my bestfriend no matter what you say, and.....I'm happy she's happy. Even if it's over a jerk like you. But believe me, you'll regret this."

    Ty Lee leaves.

    Jet: "Jerk, huh?"

    Jet opens the top dresser slot, picks up the necklace, stares at it, and throws in the trash.

    Jet: "I guess so."

    Jet smiles with an evil grin.


    *Chapter 1:
    *Question: Should I do colors, or keep it plain?
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    Re: Destiny (Chapter 2)

    do colours they help.

    P.S. i have read everything in one night and i have got to say it is very good. although the jet character is a little weird. brainwashed by the Di Lee again? lol. keep up the good work!


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    Re: Destiny (Chapter 2)

    Jet has basically gone insane. His torment from the Di Lee an being left for dead has ruined his mind, so now he's evil and cunning.

    That's awesome! Thanks for reading. Really means alot to me.

    Destiny chapter 3 is out b the way.

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