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    Destiny (Chapter 3)


    Chapter 3

    The Dragon and The Prince

    The red hot sun glistens across the sea, as a large Fire Nation War ship sails into the bay. Steam emerges from the pipes as a long and heavy platform slowly touches the ground. A hooded man walks out with a trail of fire coming from his feet. He raises his eyes up and looks upon a young man, accompanied by a girl. The man removes his hood after staring down his prey.

    Iroh: "Prince Zuko."

    Zuko: "So you came."

    Iroh: "I don't expect you want to return to the Fire Nation with me, do you?"

    Zuko: "The day I return there is the day I become Firelord."

    Iroh: "I see. You are not ready to become the Firelord, so you are waiting until you are. Wise choice, my young nephew. However, by order of the Fire Nation, you are to be terminated."

    Zuko: "Uncle, you aren't actually going to...."

    Iroh shoots fire from his fist.

    Zuko: "Mai, get back!"

    As Mai takes cover, Zuko puts his hands up and makes a Fire Shield, repelling the attack.

    Zuko: "Uncle?"

    Iroh runs at Zuko.

    In the castle, Ty Lee wakes up as the sun brightens up her room.

    Yawning, she makes her way down the hall, but before she goes into the Kitchen, she notices that Azula and Jet are in the mainroom and dressed up.

    Ty Lee: "Where are you two going so early?"

    Azula: "To a meeting involving the Earth Kingdom. If it goes well, we can expand Jet's power."

    Jet: "And we all know, the more power I have, the better the world will be."

    Ty Lee: "Why didn't you guys tell me? I would've come with you."

    Azula: "I thought that it would be best to-"

    Jet, interrupting Azula: "The meeting involves alot of politcal stuff. I just thought that it'd be better to have you sleep in than for you to stand there confused."

    Ty Lee: "Are you calling me stupid?"

    Jet: "Well, yeah. I guess you could say that. It's for the best, though, right?"

    Jet glances at Azula

    Ty Lee: "I guess it is....for the best."

    Azula, with a hint of sadness in her eyes, looks at Ty Lee.

    Azula: "Jet, we should be going."

    Jet: "You're the boss. Let's go."

    Ty Lee: "Bye guys."

    Ty Lee turns around and walks away, but she she stands still when Azula speaks.

    Azula: "Ty Lee."

    As Ty Lee responds what, she turns around into a hug from Azula.

    Azula, whispering: "You're not stupid. Have a good day, okay?"

    Ty Lee, shocked: "O-okay, Azula."

    Ty Lee's thoughts: "She hasn't hugged me since she first met him. It feels...nice."

    Ty Lee hugs Azula back, and tightens the hold. A single and small tear begins to flow from her eye. Azula notices this, but doesn't say a word.

    Ty Lee's eyes lock onto Jets, who is staring through her with his anger filled eyes. Releasing the hug, Azula walks back to Jet, who puts his arm around her, and they begin to walk through the door. Jet kisses Azula on the forehead and looks back at Ty Lee. At the same time, Azula glances glances a single evil look at Jet. Jet smiles at Ty Lee, arrogantly, as they walk through the door.

    Back at the bay, Zuko jumps back as Iroh breathe's Fire at his feet.

    Zuko: "Uncle, why are you-"

    Cutting Zuko off, Iroh runs at Zuko attempts to sidestep him, but Zuko jumps in the air. However, Iroh delivers a punch to Zuko's stomach, knocking him back into a crate, that smashes.

    Iroh: "Your father told me to reclaim Ba Sing Se. I will not fail again. Fight back Prince Zuko!"

    Stumbling back up, Zuko looks at Mai with doubt, and then stares back at Iroh.

    Zuko: "I c-cant."

    Iroh: "Then you truly aren't ready to become Firelord if you cannot attack your Uncle. If you can't do that, what hope do you have against your father?"

    Iroh shoots dual fire from both his Fists, but Zuko brushes them away with his hands.

    Zuko: "There's a difference between you and him, Uncle!"

    Iroh runs at Zuko and goes to punch him again, but Zuko holds his hand down. Iroh covers his other hand in fire and tried to grab Zuko's neck, but Zuko blows Fire from his mouth and creates some distance.

    Iroh: "You've learned well."

    Iroh shoots a beam of Fire at Zuko, but Zuko dodges to the right. However, when Zuko looks up back at Iroh, he meets a huge Fist to his face.

    Iroh: "BUT"

    Iroh kicks Zuko in the stomach.

    Iroh: "THAT"

    Iroh hits Zuko in the back of the head with a double axe handle, causing him to fall down.

    Iroh: "Isn't enough.

    Mai: "Zuko!"

    Iroh looks over at Mai, who's now standing to his left in full view. With the opportunity, Zuko quickly jumps to his feet and punches Iroh, with a fist full of fire, in the stomach. Zuko then tackles Iroh down and grabs his neck.

    Zuko: "Stop attacking me!"

    Suddenly, all the crew members of the Fire Navy Ship runs out and surrounds Zuko, as he and Mai looks on in terror.

    Iroh: "Okay."

    Iroh smiles

    At the meeting, a roundtable of politcal officials surrond the King, with Azula standing behind him.

    Jet: "Look, I know what you're saying, but we can't let the Water tribe, or what's left of it I should say, continue on without our help. I still think we should go capture it's territory.

    Man 1: "No. I refuse to attack a tribe who has done nothing to us."

    Girl 1: "We need to think about this rationally. It would strength our strength for future wars."

    Woman 2: "I agree."

    Jet: "Put it for a vote then. Those who want to make a smart decision and claim the Water tribe, raise your hands.

    Nine of the twelve raise their hands.

    Jet: "Sorry, out voted."

    Man 3: "You cannot attack them! They are good people!"

    Woman 2: "I have relatives who live there. And besides the point, it's not right."

    Jet: "I get your point, I really do. So, how about you and your friend there go join them in defending us off."

    Man 3: "What?"

    Jet: "You're banished from my city."

    The man stands up.

    Man 3: "You can't do this!"

    Azula: "Stand down, peasant. The King has made up his mind. You're banished, not dead. Consider yourself lucky. Guards, go treat these two traitors to the exit and see them to the gate."

    The guards apprehend the two traitors and leave.

    Jet: "This meeting is over. We'll talk more tomorrow. I look forward to it."

    The politicians disperse as Azula and Jet stay behind.

    Jet: "Nice decision, huh?"

    Azula: "Certainly. Now they all fear you. This city is truly yours now."

    Jet puts his arms around Azula's waist.

    Jet: "No, it's ours. We're a team remember?"

    Azula: "Speaking of teams, I need to speak to you about something."

    Jet: "What is it?"

    Azula: "Why did you tell Ty Lee that she couldn't come because she wouldn't understand. She isn't the smartest person in the world, but she's attended more meeting with me than anyone else. And besides that, you lied. I didn't say that. I wanted her to sleep in and get a well deserved rest."

    Jet: "I was just playing around, Azula. She gets my jokes."

    Azula: "I don't like them, so please stop them."

    Jet: "You got it."

    Azula: "There's something else. Never interrupt me again like you did earlier during that exact some conversation, especially with a lie to my best friend. I don't tell her that alot, but I'm telling you, okay?"

    Jet: "Sure thing."

    Jet smiles, they hug, and they head out the door.

    Back at the bay, Zuko slowly stands up, allowing Iroh to get to his feet.

    Guard: "Get down! Both of you! Hands behind your backs."

    Zuko and Mai get on their knees, with their hands behind their back.

    Iroh: "That punch hurt, Prince Zuko, but it will be nothing compared to what will happen."

    Zuko: "How could you do this to me?"

    Iroh: "Well, I think it's time I made it all clear to you."

    Iroh bends a wave of Fire at the crew in front of him, and then turns around, wiping the entire circle out.

    Iroh: "That act was getting old."

    Iroh helps Zuko and Mai up.

    Zuko: "What are you doing?"

    Iroh: "I had to see my nephew. Tricking your father wasn't easy, you know."

    Zuko: "This was all an act?!"

    Iroh: "Yes. A horrible one. Acting like a true old man was really boring."

    Iroh lets off a big grin

    Mai: "He's back to normal."

    Iroh: "That punch really did hurt though!"

    Iroh laughs

    Iroh: "Prince Zuko, I'll tell you a much more detailed story later after we get some rest....and possibly some tea, but I must ask you. What is the difference between your father and myself?"

    Zuko: "The difference is that....I love you Uncle."

    Zuko hugs Iroh.

    Iroh, returning the hug, crying a little: "I love you too nephew."

    Iroh looks at Mai.

    Iroh: "Why don't you join in?"

    Mai: "Do I really have a choice?"

    Mai joins in and notices Zuko is crying.

    Mai: "Even Zuko has a heart."

    Zuko: "So?!"

    Iroh laughs

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