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    prediction roundup

    I like to read all the predictions i can find hear are some i found at naruto-spoilers.blogspot.
    who are some of you favorite sites to read predictions other than NB.
    and add new ones if to find them.

    Status: PREDICTION
    by: Jericho Uzumaki

    Naruto 555:

    Naruto is concentrating on making the Bijuu Bomb when, {dammit it is taking to long, not sure if I am getting it. Doesn’t quit feel right.}

    Temari, “what is he doing? Is that a dark rasengan or something?!”

    Scene switches to Naruto and Bee.

    Naruto, “Uncle Bee, I am sorry.”

    Bee, “What do you mean, me and you are clean!” gives a thumbs up

    Naruto stops and goes out of RS, “you were right, I am using this too much, I promised my self when I was younger to get stronger before I even knew about the Fox. Then I promised Captain Yamato to get stronger and depend on my own power, he believes that is enough for me.”

    He makes a clone sign.

    “Now I am using this chakra as if it is mine, it isn’t it belongs to the fox, it has been pulling at me but I try to pretend as if nothing is going on. I have to do this my way the Fox is and will always be….”

    Scene switch to clone Naruto.

    The Raikage knocks the eye patch guy out of the way then goes for Naruto.

    Naruto, {dammit, too slow, still too slow! This is..}

    “…a last resort, not first!“

    Poof the clone disperses.

    Raikage is surprised, as is everyone else.

    Temari, “Okay people it’s up to us let’s go!” { that was just a clone? Very impressive, as always}

    Back to Naruto.

    He holds his head.

    “wow, so much info at once I forgot how many I sent out, dammit there are people in trouble, but I can’t think about that now. I have to concentrate on what I can do.”
    Bee, “way to go on being self reliant, but this a big war how you gonna stop it?”

    Naruto looks up, “I am not…the alliance is. I am one man no matter how many clones I make it’s still just me” {thanks Sasuke}

    He makes two clones.

    Clone one, “uhm there is only 3 of us now, why?”

    Clone 2, “yeah what do you want us to do in this big war?”

    Naruto, “think for a moment, you know what I know. You two come up with a plan, you know where I am going when you come up with it, then make two more tell them to plan for the next place an to do that same thing again. After you tell them that cancel yourselves, oh and make sure you make the plan the Naruto Uzumaki way!”

    He does a thumbs up, and they do to.

    Clones, “got it!”

    Scene change.

    Ninja are being thrown and killed by Edo-Raikage.

    Kabuto, “this is kind of fun, I really should have done more research on my little army. He should have been Nagato’s partner instead of Itachi. But oh well. I may actually send him to different areas after this, maybe even their HQ. That would be fun.”

    Back to the fight.

    Temari and a few ninja are left standing with the eye patch guy.

    Temari, “I can’t believe he took so many of us out? He was killed by 10,000, Why are we not winning here?!”

    Eye patch guy, “they did not kill him, he committed a suicide jutsu to destroy them and himself.”

    Alliance ninja, “now you tell us!”

    Edo Raikage looks directly at Temari and comes in for the killing blow going to two fingers”

    Temari, “too fast.” {I am sorry brothers}


    Smoke and dust cover the battlefield. as the smoke clears there is a two page view of the field. Bee is holding the Edo-Raikage’s fist with his Bijuu fist, behind him is 8 Naruto’s bracing him. Temari and the others are scattered away with Naruto’s covering them from the blast. Everyone recovers.

    Edo-Raikage looks at Bee, says nothing. Tries to strike him with the other hand.

    Naruto’s disperse as he swings upward then…

    Naruto grabbing that hand, “no you don’t old grandpa Raikage!”

    He is in Sage mode.

    Bee tosses the Edo up in the air, “now!”

    Naruto, “right!”

    He disperses.

    Above the Edo in the air, “Sage Art, rasengan Barrage!”

    A sage Naruto Clone appears coming down on top of Edo Raikage sending him down fast.

    Naruto disperses.

    Bee swings Samehada and sends him back in the air a different direction.

    We see two big dents in his back form the barrage.

    “Sage Style: Kata attack”

    He comes up using katas to attack the scar on his chest. Edo blocks most but gets hit by a kick he does sending him even further.

    Temari, “what are they doing?!”

    Bee, “don’t worry ninja geisha, we got this with pleasure!”

    Temari, {was that a joke about my fan?}

    Soon we see Edo Raikage land in water.


    In the area we see ninja among them is Darui.

    Darui, “3rd Raikage?! Him too? But what sent him crashing down?”

    We see the same sage Naruto Clone land soon at the edge of the water.

    The Edo Raikage is getting up but he is healing slower than before.

    Darui, {Leaf Jinchuriki?!} “hey you, you better get out of there!”

    He starts to charge up HIS black lighting.

    A voice from off sides, “I will take it from here, thanx.”

    It is Naruto walking past Darui talking to his clone.

    Naruto clone disperses.

    The Edo Raikage is back to normal.

    Switch to Kabuto, “dammit I have to refocus to take over all that quick movement and field relocation! {did you do that on purpose Naruto? Have you figured this thing out? No impossible, too stupid, just luck.}

    Naruto, “I see your mind is back by your facial expression, I am Naruto Uzumaki of the Ninja Alliance form the Leaf village. I am about to defeat you.”

    Edo Raikage, “your cocky like those Leaf ninja, knocking me around a bit won’t help you.”

    Naruto, “look around you, you can’t use anything that would stop me.”

    Edo Raikage looks around at all the water, “ha ha ha ha ha ha ha”

    Darui is looking confused, “why is he laughing?”

    Edo Raikage starts smiling, “lol, your gonna be Hokage some day kid. Ha ha ha. So simple that you…you are a genius in your own right!”

    Suddenly Naruto is right at him coming up with his Kunai extended but it is charged.

    It strikes Edo Raikage, “wha? How did you …so ..easily?!”

    Naruto, “wind charged kunai Old Grandpa Raikage, next step, restraining you.”

    His eyes go sage, “Naruto Sage Art: natural energy injection!”

    The Raikage turns to stone.

    Kabuto in his HQ, “No!!!! No!!! just as I was getting full control again, dammit!”

    Darui, {what the hell is this guy, he just stopped him with in moments?} Hey Blondie, your on our side, right?”

    Ten ten comes up, “Naruto!? I say that, amazing!”

    He starts walking over to them with the Raikage statue on his shoulder, “thanx Ten Ten, why is your chakra so low? I can tell, you must really been showing them what for, huh?”

    Ten Ten thinking back to the fan, “uh, yeah, you know how it is.”

    He hands the Statue over to Darui by putting it down beside him.

    Naruto, “here you go, I thank you guys are gathering all the zombie guys up right?”

    Darui nods his head.

    Naruto, “well I suggest you don’t take them back to your camp or put them together, this war is full of surprises, can’t be too safe, okay?”

    Darui, “yes sir, Naruto Senpai”

    Naruto surprised, “Huh? No way, I am just ag Genin actually, be safe guys.”

    He disperses.

    Darui, “Genin…and a clone?”

    He looks at Ten Ten

    “were still gonna be allied with the Leaf after this right?”

    Back at Temari 7 company.

    Naruto walks out from unknown locale and walks up to Bee and does a fist Bump.

    Temari, “well you and thse clones are always something else. What about the Raikage?”

    Bee, “by the smile on my nephew’s face, he must be in his place!”

    Naruto, “yes sir! Everything is fine and..”

    He touches his temple wit two fingers.

    “we have our next Plane Uncle bee, :\Let’s go!”

    Right before he leaves he turns to Temari, “Gaara is Okay, you still have two brother Temari, so fight with that in your heart!”

    They leave.

    Temari looks up with out a flinch, {thanks Naruto, thanx.}

    Scene switches to Mizukage.

    He is standing in front of someone that is not being seen except his foot.

    Edo Mizukage, “Your turn now huh? Well I do hope your smarter than the rest. I am an illusion, you have to find the clam and destroy it to defeat me, but you probably don’t get it”

    Suddenly the whole area is starting to get foggy.

    Mizukage, “huh? What is fog gonna do?” {wait, this isn’t fog this is….millions of tiny sand particles?!}

    We see Gaara standing with his arms up in the air as if manipulation something.

    Gaara, “Dust Particle expansion!”

    Edo Mizukage, “are trying to attack me?! I told you…”

    Gaara, “no, find you…..there!” he points

    Tsuchikage floating above making his attack, “got it Kazekage!”

    Mizukage shown with the clam behind him, looking at the fake Mizukage and seein gthe blast coming for him, “”well I ‘ll be damned…”

    Fwwashhhh “….again” kaBoooMMm

    We see a battle field with ninja laid out we see Lee, gai weak but not out, we now see Kakashi holding Zabuza sword in the ground leaning against it like a crutch. Sakura is healing him and there are other Med ninja scattered around.

    Kakashi, “you should go back to the Med camp, I am not important. I will defeat them even if it cost me my life.”

    Sakura, “well seeing as how your next in line for Hokage and my sensei YOU are important. Besides how would you have a chance to defeat anyone?”

    We see random Alliance ninja fighting the swordsmen left.

    Kakashi, “well just make sure the sealing team is god I will need them. I am going to take the bastards down!”

    A voice form off sides. “That doesn’t sound like Kakashi I know, talking much less the last Hokage…”

    Kakashi, “hmmmm, last Hokage?”

    We see Naruto with Bee Behind him with Samehada propped on his shoulder.

    “the last Hokage before me!”

    What’s the plan for this battle? Are we seeing a better Naruto without the Fox chakra? How will he help defeat the swordsmen?

    Next, “Enter: Team Uzumaki”
    __________________________________________________ ____________________
    Status: PREDICTION
    by: Vishnu

    Naruto 555: Kabuto's Path

    Scene shows Naruto strugiling to make the bijuu bomb

    Naruto: if i could just get the ratio!

    The third raikage dashes towards Naruto and in an instant he gives him a punch that throws Naruto through some rocks and in the ground makimg a giant crater.

    Naruto: Damn, it feels like every bone in my body was broken. And i can't make the biju bomb yet. Guess that's my only chance!*

    He makes the kage bushin sign and two clones appear
    Naruto: Go!

    Raikage is suddenly in front of Naruto and throws a series of punches throwing Naruto back.

    Naruto: shit! If this goes any longer i'm done for it!
    *Raikage charges up his chakra to the max and around his arm appears black lightning. His fist is now enveloped in black lightning and he prepars to deliver the blow to Naruto's head!

    Random cloud shinobi: Naruto!!! Run! If he hits you with that your body will be disintegrated! It's his most powerful jutsu!

    The Raikage throws his punch at Naruto and a big explosion emerges affecting the area on a radius of 5 km.

    After the dust clears the scene shows Naruto standing in one knee and holding Raikage's fist in one hand. His face is not seen.

    Random cloud ninja: That's impossible! He...he...he stoped Raikage's ultimate punch? What is he?
    Temari: are the same like the time you defeated are full of surprises!

    Naruto stands up, still holding Raikage's fist and opens his eyes. We see his sage mode combined with RS mode.
    Naruto: this is the end old man.

    He gives Raikage a kick and sends him away and before the raikage hits the earh, he appears behind him giving another kick.*

    Naruto calls the other clone and yells: Let's do it!
    He puts his hands in front and makes another two chakra hands. The clone also puts in hand in front of the real Naruto and slowly they make the bijuu bomb.

    Naruto: this thing it's not that hard ! It seems that sage mode helps me a lot!*
    Raikage rises from the dust and prepares another black lightning punch.
    Naruto: I'm sorry old man, but it's over. Bijuu-dama!!!
    He throws the bijuu bomb *and the raikage tries to punch it but the bijuu bomb envelops him in a black sphere of energy.

    Temari: Sealing team! Get ready! This time is for real!
    Naruto smiles as the bijuu bomb destroys raikage but he suddenly collapses and his Rs mode runs out.*

    Scene switched to Kabuto

    Scene shows Kabuto in the center of a complex pentagram and making some handseals.
    Kabuto: This time, i will do it!

    An unknow figure lands near Kabuto.
    Kabuto: So you comed Sasuke.
    Sasuke: Who would have thought that you will be my first test subject. Get ready Kabuto. We will see how you can endure the wrath of the Uchiha!

    Sasuke dashes towards Kabuto and in the last second Kabuto dodges him, but Sasuke turns around and gives him a kick throwing him in the wall. He opens his left eye wide and shouts: Amateratsu!
    The black flames are going straight to Kabuto but he makes two handsigns, points his hand towards the flames and says: Sealing jutsu! negate!
    The amateratsu is sucked into Kabuto's hand and he makes another handsign and says: Reverse sealing! *
    The flames are thrown back at Sasuke from Kabuto's hand , but Sasuke smiles ironically.
    Sasuke: You loser. Eternal Mangekyou! Black hole!
    A black hole appears in front of Sasuke and the amateratsu flames went straight in.
    Sasuke smiles again and says: This is the end Kabuto. Prepare to witness the true power of the Sharingan. He points his hand to Kabuto. Eternal Mangekyou! Darkness Bea...
    He is intrerupted by Madara who materialize to catch his hand.
    Madara: Enough Sasuke. You can't use that in a close space. And right now he is our allied.*
    Kabuto thinking: what was that technique he was about to use! It felt so demonic that it completely paralized me from the moment he stared at me!
    Sasuke: Whatever. I'm heading towards the battlefront. I will confront Naruto.
    Madara: Not yet Sasuke. Why don't we both go to Konoha first?
    Sasuke: Don't order me around Madara. I will do as i please!
    Madara: Naruto will be protected by an entire army right now Sasuke. It would be wiser to atract him to Konoha and destroy him there. You hit two birds with one stone. You destroy Konoha and you get your chance to fight with Naruto.
    Sasuke: I see. Anyway don't get to friendly Madara! You're next Fter i finish with Naruto!
    Madara thinking: Good...everything goes according to my plan. I will capture the Kyuubi and i will retrieve the EMS after this.
    Madara: Let's go then Sasuke!
    Sasuke: I will be back after you Kabuto. This isn't over.

    As Sasuke and Madara are leaving Kabuto is left alone.

    Kabuto: Good. Madara didn't suspect anything. Time to go on with my plan!
    With the samples i've collected from a living senju, a living Uzumaki, a living Uchiha and the Zetsu body i will suceed!
    Kabuto brings some small flacons containg blood. He makes the summoning handsigns and a Zetsu body appears on the ground. He spills the blood on the zetsu body.
    Kabuto: And the vessel body...i think that's enough for the invocation... He makes some complicate hand signs and a purple pentagram appears on the place where the zetsu corpse is.
    Kabuto: Seal breaking ressurection technique!
    A sudden flash of light appears and a human form is seen through the light

    Kabuto : Welcome back to our world...Sage of the six paths!

    Next chapter: Kabuto's trump card.
    __________________________________________________ ____________________
    Status: PREDICTION
    by: killerrabbit

    Naruto 555: Kabuto's Gamble

    Temari: What the hell is he doing now? Alright men take your positions!
    Naruto: NO! Stay back! This technique is too strong for you guys to be anywhere near me!
    Temari: Tsk! (Thinking) He's starting to act like Garra.

    Naruto prepares his bijudama, he feels it starting to breakdown.
    Naruto (thinking): Damn if only I could get that ratio... !

    Suddenly the Bijudama seems to stabilize it then gets larger. It is like a black ball surrounded by swirling blue chakra.

    Naruto and the Raikage scuffle and the Raikage seems to dodge but its another feint and Naruto is seconds from hitting the Raikage.

    Scene change to Kabuto.
    Kabuto is sitting looking at his map. He looks anxious and is in thought.
    Kabuto: Hm, so this is it.
    Kabuto has a flashback to when he showed the mystery coffin to Tobi and the look on his face.
    Kabuto: Even Uchiha Madara was scared... and then there was that guy.

    Kabuto has another flashback.

    He has a man cornered in a sewer. The man is old and gangly. Kabuto uses a snake to pin the man to the wall. He uses another snake to take a sealed vial from within the man's robe.
    Man (terrified): What... what do you want with that?
    Kabuto: I want to meet its source.
    Man: Do you know what you're saying? Where did you even find out about that?
    Kabuto: I have my sources.

    Man: And here I thought you were after my jutsu. Instead you're after... (the man falters from his injuries).
    Kabuto: Hm. It seems my intel was wrong in one respect, I thought you would be glad to rid of this burden.
    Man: I would if I thought you would destroy it. But instead you wish to use some forbidden jutsu to bring back... bring back...

    Kabuto: Yes....
    Man: You wish to destroy us!

    The snake presses on the man harder.

    Kabuto (pissed) (in thought): Damn! I wanted a name, that's the only part I haven't found out yet.
    Man: Its too bad, I don't know his name either.
    Kabuto: Is your jutsu mind reading?

    Man: I don't need a jutsu to read your mind! But there is one thing I'd like to know, why? Why do you wish to destroy the world?

    Kabuto: I have no desire to destroy the world, only to eliminate all jutsu. My master was denied the use of jutsu once temporarily and now forever, I wish to show the world this feeling, especially him (we see a shadow of Sasuke).
    Man: In that case I'm glad the world will be destroyed, even that is better than a world without jutsu!

    Kabuto kills the man, and looks warily at the vial. Back to present.

    Kabuto looks at the vial in the same way, then he gets an evil look on his face.
    Kabuto (laughing): No turning back!
    Kabuto opens the vial and puts a silver piece on the map.

    He pours the vial and the scene changes to a beach.

    An unknown Waterfall Village edo golem appears on the beach he is being chased by unknown alliance ninja, one is a Yamanaka clan member.

    Suddenly the edo golem stops.

    Kabuto: First I protect myself.
    The edo summons the mysterious coffin, it has the infinity sign on it.

    The alliance ninja stop.
    Kabuto: Now the edo golem, I don't want to risk it.
    The unknown Waterfall edo is summoned back into his coffin and dissappears.

    The mysterious coffin opens.

    A man in white robes and a hat with the infinity symbol steps out, he has a veil hiding his face. One of the alliance ninja gasps.

    Ninja 1: He... I cannot sense any chakra from him, its like he's not even there!
    Kabuto: Now!

    Kabuto attempts to completely take over the golem, i.e. remove its personality.
    Golem: How foolish to expect a trash jutsu to work on me.

    The golem puts his hands into an unknown hand sign like an 'O' but his fingers on each hand touching at the tips and the fingers held apart from the fingers on the same hand.

    Kabuto's seal glows on the man and suddenly bits of disappear and other parts change.
    Kabuto pulls back.

    Kabuto (in thought): What the hell? How can he change a seal that exists inside of him? Not only that he manipulated it like nothing! If I hadn't pulled back he could have reversed it and taken over me!

    Kabuto: Damn! (he smashes the silver piece) Well, I guess the old man is right, I have brought the end of the world.

    Itachi appears behind him.
    Itachi: And exactly what do you mean by that?

    Kabuto: Ah, you returned, I supposed to cancel my jutsu? Its meaningless now, here I can still look through his eyes one last time. Use your genjutsu to look with me.

    Scene change to beach, from the back of the mysterious edo.
    Ninja2: No chakra? Do we have any intel on a guy like that?
    Ninja1: Yeah, the second Tsuchikage, but he's supposed to be fighting elsewhere.
    Ninja3: So what do we do?

    Edo: You don't have to do anything.

    There's a flash and all four ninja suddenly appear old and extremely emaciated (like Goten and Trunks failed skinny fusion).

    The edo goes up to the Yamanaka clansmen. He holds him by the chin.

    Edo: You are different, I can sense that your mind wanders. I'm betting you have all the intel I need about the current situation, no? (the ninja gives a muffled, incomprehensible answer) well if not I'll use your ability to find someone who does.
    He puts his hand on the Yamanaka like a Vulcan mind meld. He reads the guys mind then follows the link back to HQ.

    Scene to HQ
    Suddenly Inoichi and the others are squirming.
    Tsunade: What's going on?
    Inoichi: Our minds.. are being probed.. but this guy.. he makes Pain seem..

    Suddenly all of their faces go white with terror.

    Next is a double page.

    One side shows the mysterious Edo using his attack and dissolving the four ninja on the beach into nothing, the other side shows Naruto's Bijudama hitting the Raikage and his body is finally breaking down.

    Two Incredibly Destructive Powers Erupt on the Battlefield!

    One will save the world, the other destroy it!

    Next time 556: Critical Point! The Powers Converge!
    __________________________________________________ ____________________
    Status: PREDICTION
    by: Jericho Uzumaki

    Naruto 555

    Naruto is standing facing himself at 12 and himself in Sage mode, but with closer inspection you can see he is older and is….

    Naruto, “Hokage? That’s me as Hokage? What is going on here? Is this a Genjutsu?”

    Fox, “these two are not a Genjutsu an neither am I brat!”

    Naruto, “a Genjutsu, no way. I’m Naruto Uzumaki, this is Hokage Uzumaki and you…you are stupid!”

    Naruto looks shocked, “huh, what do you mean, I am more powerful than you ever were and I don’t have to beg the Fox fro power anymore.”

    Kage Uzumaki, “no you stole it an dare now using it as if it is the only tool you have. That is not strength, that is fear.”

    Naruto, is being silent.

    Younger, “what happened to being Hokage for the respect, the admiration, and to protect the ones we care about, oh yeah and to be the best Hokage ever?!”

    Naruto, “that is what I am doing, I am trying to protect everyone!”

    Kage, “That is the problem, you can’t do it alone, the Hokage is the head of an entire village, a family that fights together!”

    Younger Naruto looking in his eyes, “I don’t think this is working, He isn’t getting it.”

    Kage, “I agree, then it is to you we turn.” He looks at the Fox in the cage.

    Fox, “what are you looking at, how are you even here? Some kind of time travel jutsu?”

    Kage Naruto, “No, I am the image of what Naruto envisioned as a Kage for many years. I am now the embodiment of certain attributes just as young Naruto here is.”

    Fox, “hmmm, I guess he is the youthful, innocence, … and you I guess are the symbol of what his imagination?”

    Naruto, “what?”

    Kage, “no I am the embodiment of his mental prowess and fortitude, I am…

    Naruto’s ambition!”
    Fox, “What do I have to do with any of this?!”

    Kage Naruto, “come on out!”

    He opens the cage.

    Naruto, “what the hell are you doing?”

    He gets up readying a rasengan, until Kage steps in front of him.

    Suddenly the fox is picked up and slammed several times, then young Naruto stands on the bridge of his snout.

    Younger, “Look Fox, you been acting all high and mighty for some time now. I have been watching you pull the fog over my eyes for a while. It started at the falls of truth.”

    Naruto, “what is he talking about?”

    Kage, “You haven’t noticed?”

    he walks with Naruto closer to where the Fox is.

    “you are getting dumber…so to speak.”

    Fox, “how can a runt like you do that? Your just the kid part.”

    Younger, “No, I am not, I am the embodiment…”

    He jumps off his snout into the air and forms a rasengan in each hand.

    “of Naruto’s will & determination!”

    Focusing on Kage and the real Naruto but we see a light form the impact glisten off their faces.

    Kage, “the thing is ever since that battle with your dark side the Fox has had a different kind of hold on you, it has clouded you judgment your ability to learn and also hidden things from you that you would have picked up on a lot sooner.”

    Naruto, “hmm really…like wait, wait I am seeing things flash inside my mind, this this isn’t who I am? I didn’t want to be this?”

    Younger Naruto is leaning against the Fox cage bars. He is starting to fade.

    Kage, “go on what else do you see or feel?”
    Naruto, “mom, she was an Uzumaki, I am an Uzumaki…My dad used seals to create his thunder God technique. She said she taught him seals. I Got it!”

    He slams is foot on the ground.

    Kage looks at young Naruto smile as he disappears.

    The fox is getting up as Kage Naruto looks at him he says, “No, I will have my way, If he stays this way he will eventually fail, then as always he will come to me for the rest of my power, then I will be free!”

    Naruto, “the only reason for the cage is to keep you away form my inner self, to stop you form breaking free of me. Fox, I have a plan for you, we share this body and mind, look into it, am I lying?”

    Fox, “hmm…what? You are a brave or stupid brat, but It might work, I tired of this struggle with you anyway.”

    Kage, “the fox no longer hates you Naruto, he just hates being trapped, but the loves conflict, he loves battle, right now you have many battles ahead, and something tells me….”

    Page of the Fox standing behind real Naruto, with Naruto looking at his cloths becoming the Kage Naruto’s.

    “He wouldn’t miss it for the world.”

    Is this finally a partnership with the Kyuubi and Naruto?

    What does Naruto know, will he be the same when he wakes?

    Next: Enter Naruto Uzumaki, the number one knucklehead Ninja returns!”
    __________________________________________________ _______________
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