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    Re: 3rd Raikage and A Vs. SOME Akatsuki

    without kisame(especially him) and kakazu the akatsuki would lose really bad but with them they will put a good fight and i guess it will go to A and 3rd raikage.

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    if you think deidara wins or
    loses a match that we both
    disagree on, your wrong and
    ill easily prove you why you
    are i know this guy like the
    back of my hand

    Re: 3rd Raikage and A Vs. SOME Akatsuki

    im with akatsuki with 6 on this one

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    Re: 3rd Raikage and A Vs. SOME Akatsuki

    Quote Originally Posted by Konoha4ever View Post
    3rd Raikage and A


    Hidan, Kakuzu, Kisame, Konan, Sasori, and Deidara

    If this has been made before I apologize,
    i just wanted to make my first vs. thread.

    Also, I vote Raikage's
    Honestly, I think the akatsuki take this pretty easily. First off, raikages have shown no long range ninjutsu, so deidara could just take to the sky and spam bombs and krap. I'm pretty sure kakuzu's wind attack can get through the fourth's shroud and I'm pretty sure the fourth is going to have a really tough time if he has to go up against 4 akatsuki's at the same time.

    Kisame is enough to take the third and the reason is because he was pretty much born to fight the third raikage. Instead of physically attacking an opponent, kisame drains their chakra, and ultimate body or not, the third raikage will get his lightning shroud drained quicker than B's cloak. If worse comes to worse kisame can use water dome, fuse with samehara and do the water prison shark dance technique. The third raikage has only shown techniques used because of his lightning armor, which will get absorbed if he gets close to kisame which he will have to do since he has only been shown to use close range attacks.

    So yeah I vote the akatsuki

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