While at school one day, one of Mark's classmates had a crowd of people around him.
"What's going on?" Mark asked his friend, JJ.
"Dunno," JJ responded. "Let's find out."
The two mad their way to the front of the crowd, where a kid stood against a wall, holding up a laminated piece of paper.
"What's that?" Mark asked.
"What's this?" the boy said. "Are you seriously asking what this is!?" He stared at Mark and JJ with a large grin on his face, until he realized that they were serious. "Really? You've never heard of Dual Monsters? This is my father's most prized card, Moto; the Blue-Eyes White Dragon!"
"Hm," Mark said, genuinly disinterested.
"Oh, wow. Your dad must not care if you learn about your background; unlike my dad-"
"What are you trying to say, Warren?" Mark said, rolling up his sleeve and taking a step forwards. JJ put a hand on Mark's shoulder to try and stop him from doing anything stupid.
"Please, call me Kaiba; I am going to inherit my father's corperation one day, and it's customary to go by one's last name in such a situation."
"C'mon, Mark," JJ said. "Let's go."
"That's just like you Wheelers; always afraid of a fig-" Warren Kaiba said no more, as he fell to the ground, JJ standing over him.
"C'mon, Mark," JJ said again. "I'm ready to go."
"Alright, Joey," Mark said.

Later that day, while JJ was at home, someone came to his door. His mother answered it.
"Hello, Mrs. Wheeler. May I please speak with your husband?"
"Joey!" Mrs. Wheeler called.
"Yeah, Mai?"
"Please come to the door; there's a man here to see you!" Joey made his way to the door, and took one look at the man.
"Kaiba!" he said. "How's it going, man? Haven't seen you in forever!"
"There's a reason for that," Seto answered. "I'm here because your son seems to have taken something from my son, which in turn belongs to me."
"What'd he take?" Joey asked.
"Could you please call your son, Mr. Wheeler?"
"JJ!" No sounds came after JJ's name was called. Joey turned around and hollered into the house. "JOESEPH 'JJ' WHEELER, JUNIOR! GET YOUR BUTT DOWN HERE, RIGHT N-"
"WHAT!?" JJ said, stepping into the entrance-way.
"I'd like my card back, kid," Kaiba said, holding out his hand.
"Give Mr. Kaiba his card back," Joey said. "Say, what kind of card did he take, Seto?"
"Please do not call me 'Seto', Mr. Wheeler," Kaiba said, before returning to the question. "He stole a very precious card from my son, who took it to school without my permission. I'd like it back."
"Like, a buisness card?" Joey asked.
"No, Mr. Wheeler, not a buisness card. It's-"
"A dual monster card," JJ finished. Joey and Mai were silent, as they were reminded about the game they had long-ago left behind. Joey then turned to his son.
"Give the man his card back, JJ; it's not yours."
"Fine." JJ pulled out one card from his right pocket, and then a whole deck of cards from his left pocket, which he swiftly shuffled the card form his right pocket into. He then fanned out the cards before Seto Kaiba.
"The card you pick is the card you get, Mr. Kaiba; choose wisely."
"JJ!" Mai said, trying to take the deck away from him.
"Where did you get all those cards," Joey asked him. "You found my old deck, didn't you, you little brat!?"
"Excuse me," Seto said, putting up a hand to calm down the three Wheelers. "I'll take the kids offer; you always used to rely on luck in your duals, so it seems as though your son's inherited this."
"Kaiba, you don't have to do that; the card is yours," Joey began, when Kaiba snatched a card from the fanned deck. JJ immediatly put the cards back together into a stacked deck, and pocketed them.
"I hope you're happy with your selection, Mr. Kaiba," JJ said.
"You listen to me, kid-" Joey began, when Kaiba cut in.
"I found exactly what I was looking for." Seto turned the card around and revealed the Red-Eyes Black Dragon; Joey's most precious card.
"WHAT!? You can't take that card; it's not his!"
"He took my Blue-Eyes White Dragon, so isn't this a fair trade?"
"WHAT!?" Joey turned to JJ. "Give Mr. Kaiba back his Blue-Eyes, RIGHT NOW!"
"Because he has my most precious card; just do it, JJ."
"I don't want to; I want Warren to apologize to Mark."
"Mark Moto."
"How touching," Seto said. "We're having a huge reunion, thing. Now, I'll be on my way, Mr. Wheeler-"
"Wait," Joey said, his back turned to Seto, who had also turned his back to leave.
"What is it; I'm a very busy man, you know."
"I'll dual you for it."
"Joey, you haven't dualed in years," Mai said. Joey opened a chest in the entry-way, and took out his old dual disk. He then reached into his son's pocket and took out the deck, and searched for the Blue-Eyes card.
"Here it is, Seto," Joey said, taking the card out of the deck and turning around. "You have two others, right? If I win, I get my Red-Eyes back."
"If I win," Kaiba said, taking out his own dual disk and deck from his brief case, "I get my Blue-Eyes back, and I get to keep the Red-Eyes."
"Deal," Joey said, stepping outside to prepare the dual. "And just to show you I'm a good sport, when I win, I'll still give you your Blue-Eyes back; got no use for it anyways."
"So cocky, just like always..."

Seto and Joey stood on Joey's front lawn, their dual disks set up, and the rules established.
"Draw!" Seto cried, and each of them drew five cards.
"Not a single monster!" Joey thought, unimpressed with himself.
"Have you forgotten, Wheeler? You go first."
"Yeah, yeah; hold your horses!" Joey picked up a sixth card, and his frist monster.
"Baby Dragon..." Joey thought. "It's been a while, buddy," he muttered to himself.
"Joey?" Kaiba asked, wondering why Joey was talking to his cards.
"You know, Kaiba, you never did get the whole 'heart of the cards' thing, did you?" Joey asked. "Here's a good example! I summon, Baby Dragon!" A hologram of the dragon appeared between the two duelests, curled up in a ball. "In attack mode!" Joey finished. "And I'll place two cards face-down. Your move, Kaiba."
"Hmp," Kaiba said, drawing a card. "I'll place one card face-down..." A hologram of his face-down card was projected onto the field. "And then I'll summon Lord of Dragons!" The man appeared in front of Kaiba, and stared, unamused, at the Baby Dragon. "Next up, I'll use Flute of the Summoning Dragon to bring out a friend of mine. Blue-Eyes White Dragon!!" The man on the field picked a horn out of thin air, and blue into it, causing the Blue-Eyes to decend from the clouds, and float next to him.
"NO WAY; NOT ALREADY!!" Joey yelled.
"Get over it, kid," Seto replied. "Blue-Eyes! White Lightning attack!" Kaiba swiftly pointed at Baby Dragon, and Blue-Eyes charged up an attack to take out the dragon.
"Hold on!" Joey said.
"I won't, Wheeler," Kaiba said. "I'm taking back what's rightfully mine, no matter what you say."
"It's not that," Joey said. "I meant, this!" Joey waveds his hand, and one of his two face-down cards flipped up. "Energy Drain!" Joey picked up one card, and a little score of Blue-Eyes' attack points appeared next to it, reading 3000. It then dropped down to 0.
"You were smarter than I had though, Wheeler..." Seto admitted. Blue-Eyes shot it's White Lightning at Baby Dragon, but the much smaller dragon reflected the attack back at Blue-Eyes, destroying the majectic dragon in the process. As the virtual dragon shattered into millions of pieces, Kaiba's LifePoints appeared on a small score next to him, reading 4000. Then then dropped down to 2800.
"Your turn, Wheeler," Kaiba said, keeping his cool.
Joey picked up another card, and looked over his hand. "That Time Wizard I picked up when I used Energy Drain can come in use pretty soon, but I wonder what face-down Kaiba has. I mean, I just royaly screwed him over by destroying his Blue-Eyes with one of my face-downs, and I wouldn't put it past him to have some major card there... I'll just have to take my chances!"
"First, I use Foolish Burial to send Blue-Eyes White Dragon to the graveyard! Then, I'll summon to the field, Time Wizard!" Joey slapped Time Wizard's card onto his dual disk, and the little clock appeared in a sparkly flash of light. "Then," Joey continued, "I'll use his effect; Time Wizard, do your thing!"
Time Wizard hit his staff against the ground, and the spinner began to move around the top of his staff, around the roulett wheel. As the spinner slowed down, it seemed to nearly stop on every skull-and-cross-bones. Mai held onto JJ, who was watching his first dual excitedly.
As the spinner stopped, it stopped on the line of a skull-and-cross-bones, and a safe spot. A full second later, it moved one millimeter onto the safe zone.
"YES!" Joey shouted. "I still gots it!" Time Wizards staff began to glow, and every monster on the field began to age. Lord of Dragons aged to an old age, and eventually blew away into dust. Meanwhile, Baby Dragon was also undergoing an aging process.
"After thousands of years," Joey said, dramatically, "dragons become ancient, and mysterious. This makes them more experienced, and stronger. My Baby Dragon has become... A Thousand-Year-Old Dragon!" The elderly dragon stood, waiting to attack Seto Kaiba, a score showing its 2400 attack points next to it.
"So?" Seto said. "It's still not strong enough to defeat me."
"Alone, no. But, in case you forgot, Time Wizard is still there, and is enough to put me over the top! This dual is over, Kaiba; be preapred to return my Red-Eyes!"
Joey took a step back with one foot, making his coat billow slightly, and whipped his hand to the side, giving himself a dramatic look. Thousand-Year-Old Dragon began to make a fireball as if it were about to hauk a loogie, and Time Wizard pulled back it's staff in preparation to strike.
__________________________________________________ _______________

How will the dual end? What's Seto hiding under that face-down? Will this FF be popular? Tune in next time for the answers to all three!