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(Jukenpo:Aoi Jiten ) - 8 trigrams:Blue rotation
Rank: S
Type: Defense
Range: close
Chakra Cost:40
Damage points: 80
Description: This is a unique type of
rotation that requires the addition of a little
quantity of water chakra to the normal chakra
needed for rotation.first off,the user channels out water based chakra through all 361 chakra points whilst immediately following it with the channelling out of non-elemental chakra,making they two almost close before rotating rapidly, thus using the water chakra as a sheild against opposite/weaker elemental attacks. whilst in rotating motion the chakra dome gives off a blue color, unlike the normal rotation,hence the name.
-must be a hyuuga clan member.
- twice per battle.
-this is a good defense against certain fire based jutsus but leaves the user completely open for
any lightning jutsu.
-must be taught by Seto Kaiba.

Have fun!!! ^_^
WOW thanks! :D