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    Yamanaka Clan

    Yamanaka Clan

    The Yamanaka Clan (山中一族) is a family of ninja originating from Konohagakure. They own and run a flower shop in the village and specialize in mind related techniques. The Yamanaka clan has a special relationship with the Akimichi and Nara clans. For generations, members of these three families have formed an "Ino-Shika-Cho Trio", named after the first part of the names of the members. The Yamanaka members are the "Ino" in the trio. To strengthen the unity between the three clans, a member of the Sarutobi clan will give them special earrings to present to each generation head when they are promoted to chūnin after which they will swear their oaths. The earrings also symbolize that they are considered adults by their respective clans.

    • The members of this clan specialize in mind-centred techniques that allow them to transfer consciousness, read minds and communicate telepathically.
    • Yamanaka have also displayed sensory abilities and thus, all Yamanaka bios are chakra sensors.
    • Due to the nature of their techniques, Yamanaka have stronger spiritual chakra and wills than the average shinobi. As a result the strength of their hidden ninjutsu is directly proportional to their rank and skill

    • Yamanaka bios require users to have Chunnin rank and the permission from one bio mod to make
    • Permission for a Yamanaka does not bypass the requirement for sensory permission on other bios.
    • Yamanaka may possess either: another Advanced Ninjutsu on top of their sensory or a Mode, but they are only allowed one.

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