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    A (3rd Raikage)

    Sandaime Raikage


    The Third Raikage (三代目雷影, Sandaime Raikage) was the former leader of Kumogakure, and is reputed to be the greatest Raikage the village has ever had. Not much was revealed from him, not even his name, being always referred to as Sandaime Raikage. Much like his son, he is very headstrong and proud. Unlike most Kages, he is rather a simple character, not talking much or taking much time to make great reasonings and deliberations. Instead, he simply acts and uses brute strength and power to protect his comrades, often using himself as a shield to protect them. Very proud but also honorable, he is a very level minded, calm individual, even with his immense power. He admires other peoples skills and powers, something he isn't shy of saying. This admiration also comes as respect, something that he holds close to him. In combat, his simple minded brutish approach is, however, very effective, mostly because of his immense power. The Third Raikage was known to possess both the strongest attack but also the strongest shield. His body was so resistant to damage that most techniques simply don't damage it. Coupled with his amazing endurance, he was also the wielder of immense physical strength and, through the use of the lightning armor, immense speed. As such, he was a close combat specialist, being rivaled only by his own son.


    Third Raikage's Abilities:

    • Gaining an additional 1000 Chakra points.
    • He is a Lightning Specialist, capable of using all Lightning techniques with a simple handseal and one of the few known users of Black Lightning techniques.
    • He is a Taijutsu specialist, with great physical strength and speed
    • He can use the Lightning Armor technique and its applications and Nintaijutsu moves, in the same way as his son, the Forth Raikage, A.
    • His body is very strong and resilient, being described as the perfect shield. As such, he is left completely undamaged by B-Rank Ninjutsu and Taijutsu (elemental in nature or not) and below and receives -20 damage from Ninjutsu techniques A-Rank and above.


    • The member needs to be Kage Rank and a member for 6 months
    • Requires the member to have mastered Lightning Release and Taijutsu
    • The user must undergo a battle test to showcase his knowledge of the bio and its abilities.
    • The user must have permission from one RP Moderator
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