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    Re: Fairy Tail Manga 255 Discussion and 256 Predictions

    I expected it not to be anything great after last chapter. I'm only disappointed that the timeskip could have made a bigger impact. After a plot twist like the black dragon destroying the island, they could have built up the islands reveal. But I guess I expected a bit much. No aging doesn't worry me, the thing that does is that not a single person seemed to be gravely affected/died and nobody will have gained much if they are just in the state they were at the time of the attack.
    Also I'm still left puzzled to why Zeref hasn't started the end of the world at all, it seems like nothing terrible has happened yet.
    I wish they had of learned some new techniques/trained a bit in the skip as well.
    Anyway the saga might turn for the better soon.
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    Re: Fairy Tail Manga 255 Discussion and 256 Predictions

    To the people who are bashing the time skip: it's undestandable that you don't like the fact that Natsu and the others haven't changed (though having them live on that island for 7 years with no real purpose would be as much as weird), however that doesn't take away that the entire world has changed in that period. Who knows what might have happened in the meantime?

    The title for the next chapter seems to indicate that it's going to be about that 7 year period. So we haven't even seen the extent of the time skip, so don't start saying that it's a failure already.

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