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    Yu-Gi-Oh! Generations: Chapter 3

    "No, you don't!" Joey said. "Cuase you won't win this battle!" Joey looked out at his dragon. "Red-Eyes... Forgive me." The white dragon charged up a blue energy in its mouth. "Blue-Eyes, ATTACK!!"
    Yugi watched the energy fly out of the dragon's mouth, and felt sorry for Joey, having to destroy his own monster like this. But as Yugi's eyes followed the beam of energy, he noticed Seto smirking.
    "What's so funny?" Yugi asked.
    "This!" Seto shouted, holding out a spell card faced towards Joey. "The spell card, Shrink!" The card glowed, and then Joey's Blue-Eyes shunk to half it's size. "This card cuts the attack power of any attacking monster in half!" Seto said. "And even though you haven't dualed in a while, Joey, you should remember what happens when a weak monster attacks a strong one, don't you? Well let me remind you!"
    The blue beam hit the Red-Eyes Black Dragon square in the chest, and bounced off into multiple, smaller arcs the flew towards the Blue-Eyes. The arced beams crossed at Blue-Eyes' chest, and destroyed it. The beams flew around Joey, and his LifePoints appeared next to him, falling from 4000 to 3100.
    The golden pieces of the once-majestic dragon showered Joey, as his hair billowed in the fading wind of the attack. He lowered his arms and stared Kaiba in the eye. The two of them had a staring contest that went uninteruptted for ages, and then Joey cracked a grin.
    "Good job, Kaiba!" he said. "Don't know what I was thinkin'! Wouldn't have been able to live with myself if I had done that; I owe you a lot, buddy!" Joey began to laugh nervously, and scratched the back of his head.
    "What are you talking about!? You're about to lose your most valuable card, and you're thanking me for not letting you destroy it and inch you closer to winning the dual and your card back!?!?"
    "Hey! When I told Blue-Eyes to attack, I became the exact dualist I never wanted to be; one who doesn't care about anything more then winning the dual. This is all simply a game, and these cards are simply pawns, with no emotions, and no possible emotional attatchments. I became you, Seto!"
    "I told you to call me by-"
    "Guess what! I could care less what you think, Seto!! I became the dualist I never wanted to be for a split second, a dualist like you, and yousaved me from it! Maybe Mokuba was right; maybe you are nice deep down. Deep down!"
    "Leave my brother out of it, Joey!" Seto shouted. "This has nothing to do with him!!"
    "It has everything to do with him!! After that day, Seto-"
    "Joey!" Yugi said sternly. Tea was looking at Joey with uncertain eyes, and Mai was silently begging him to stop. Joey sighed, and looked Seto in they eye.
    "I'm sorry," he said. "I shouldn't have... I'm sorry."
    Kaiba grunted, and crossed his arms. "Well?" he finally said. "It's your turn, still. Anything else you want to do?"
    "I'll just place a card face-down. And end my turn."
    "You're keeping your Time Wizard in attack mode? How foolish of you..."
    "How could Kaiba act so cool after his brother was brought up?" Tea wondered to herself, and almost as if he could read her thoughts, Yugi put his arm around her.
    "Some people are different than others," he said. "Deep down, I'm sure he feels it."
    "Say, what's up with Mr. Kaiba's brother?" JJ asked.
    "I have no idea," Mark answered. "We'll have to ask Warren about his uncle at school tomorrow-"
    "No you won't!" Mai said. "I'm not even sure if young Warren even met his uncle..."
    "Wha- What happened?" JJ asked, looking up at his mother.
    "That's none of your buisness," Mai said. "Now watch the dual."
    Kaiba drew a card, and a clever grin appeared behind it.
    "I'll summon, Vorse Raider!" The buff man appeared on the shoulders of the Red-Eyes Black Dragon, heaving his heavy axe and glaring at Joey with his deranged look. "In attack mode," Kaiba finished.
    "That thing's freaky-lookin'!" Joey said.
    "Well then, I suppose it's a battle of the freaks," Kaiba answered. As Joey stared stupidly at him, Kaiba shouted, "Vorse Raider, destroy Time Wizard!" The massive beast-man leapt off of Red-Eyes' shoulders, and twirled his axe above his head. As he landed, his axe cut the clock-man in half, and it shattered into a million golden pieces. Joey's LifePoints appeared next to him, and dropped from 3100 to 1700 as the muscular maniac gave Joey a dereanged smile that made him want to run as far away as possible.
    "Vorse Raider, come back here!" The man walked back to Red-Eyes' side, and then turned back to creep out Joey. "Now here comes the part we've all been waiting for," Kabia said dramatically. Seto's 2300 Lifepoints appeared next to him, as did Joey's 1700 LifePoints next to its owner. "Your own dragon will turn against you to finish the battle! Red-Eyes Black Dragon, Inferno Blast!" The dragon began to build up a great ammount of fire in its mouth, the flames licking the air between its teeth.
    "Hey, Red!" Joey called up at his dragon. "You remember me, don't you!? You wouldn't hurt good ol' Joey, eh?" The dragon then spat a giant fireball at Joey.
    "Face it, Joey. The "Heart of the Cards" is just some myth you losers tell yourself as an excuse to not practice; if there were truely the "Heart of the Cards", where is it no-"
    "Mokuba believed in the Heart of the Cards," Joey responed, his head tilted so his hair covered his eyes to hide them from Kaiba, giving him a mysterious look. "Chew on that... Now, I'll activate my face-down, Kunai with Chain!" Joey looked up at Seto in unison with his card flipping up to reveal the trap. A chain shot out of the card and wrapped up the Red-Eyes Black Dragon, forcing it down into a sleep-like position, and it settled quickly, almost looking relieved that it didn't have to attack its true master.
    "There's the Heart of the Cards, Kaiba," Joey said. "My dragon didn't want to hurt me, and just look at it now, gratefully taking a nap." The fireball disappaited as it got near Joey, and his LifePoints remained the same as the dragon retrieted into Defence Position.
    "It's just a hologram!" Kaiba shouted. "The "Heart of the Cards" is nothing more than some superstision!!"
    "Kaiba!" Yugi yelled. "Just finish the dual."
    "Fine," Kaiba said. "I'll put two cards face-down, and end my turn."
    "Now let's see what kind of damage I can do here..." Joey said, drawing a card.
    "Aw, man!" he thought to himself. "I got my Flame Swordsman, and no way to summon him! Except..."
    "Here we go!" Joey said. "I'll begin by playing Scapegoat!" Four small fur-balls appeared in front of Joey, all of them with Defence Point scores reading 0. "Then I'll play two face-down cards, and end my turn!"
    "In that case, I'll switch the Red-Eyes back to attack position, and have it eliminate one of your little fur-balls." A fireball shattered one of the Scapegoats, but Joey's LifePoints remained unphased.
    "I see..." Kaiba said. "Those two cards are bluffs. Well then, Vorse Raider, destroy another one of those eye-sores!" The beast-man ran forwards to chop the small fur-ball in half, when Joey put his hand over one of his cards.
    "I activate one of my trap cards; Magic Arm Shield!" The arm shield appeared on one of the Scapegoats faces, and dragged it to the ground by it's sheer weight. The shield then opened, and the arm streatched out and dragged the Red-Eyes from it's spot next to Kaiba in front of Vorse Raider's attack. The axe hit Red-Eyes' scaled chest, and shattered the beast of a man. A strong wind was sent back at Seto, and his LifePoint score dropped from 2300 to 1800.
    "Well then," Kaiba said. "I suppose that was a well thought out move. Koodos, Wheeler." Kaiba then gave a slow clap for Joey before returning to the dual. "I honestly didn't think you'd have it in you to use your dragon like that."
    "Just taking back what's rightfully mine," Joey responded.
    "Well, I suppose I'll give you your turn, and in return, you'll give me my dragon." The arm let go of the Red-Eyes, and it looked longingly at Joey as it floated back to Kaiba.
    "Alright, Kaiba!" Joey said. "If it doesn't end here, it'll end soon!"
    "Bring it, kid."

    "Mother," came a sophisticated, yet childish voice.
    "Must you talk like your father, Warren?"
    "I believe I do if I ever want to be great," came the response.
    "What is it, Warren?" Mrs. Kaiba said, walking into the room where Warren was looking at a picture on the couch.
    "Who's this?" he asked, pointing to a young boy with spiky hair next to a young man whom Warren reconized as his father, Seto.
    "That? That's your father, sweety," Mrs. Kaiba said, turning to walk away quickly.
    "No, the other boy," Warren said, stopping his mom dead in her tracks. "I know which one's father, but who's the other one?"
    "The other one..." Warren's mother repeated unsteadily.
    "Mother..." Warren said. "Is there something that you and father are hiding from me?"
    "What? No, what make's you think-"
    "Then who's the other boy!?" Warren's face was set in stone, and it was clear that she wasn't going to get out of this, so Mrs. Kaiba sat down next to Warren and put an arm around his shoulders comfortingly.
    "Mother-!" Warren said, squirming, when his mom shushed him, and placed a finger over his mouth.
    "You'll want me to be close to you soon," she said softly. "Your father always needs me to confort him when I tell this story, and sometimes I tell it to bring out the human side of him."
    "What story? I just want to know who the boy is; I've seen a few pictures of him around the house, and now I-"
    "That young man, Warren," his mother began, a tear welling up in her eye, and her throat catching with emotion.

    "I activate the card, Question!" Joey shouted, slapping the card onto his dual disk.
    "So what question are you going to ask me, Joey?" Kaiba said. "I can answer them all."
    "Good. While normally this card makes you gues the monster at the bottom of my graveyard, I'm going to ask a different question to start off with."
    "Which is?"
    "Why haven't you told your kid that-"

    "That boy is your uncle."
    Warren then looked up at his mother with big, questioning eyes, a million things trying to escape his mouth at once.
    __________________________________________________ _______________

    How will Kaiba answer this question? What questions will Warren ask? Will Joey be able to keep up the tide of the battle with his Question? Do my questions add anything to the story? The answers to the first three will be in the next issue, and the answer to the last one will be answered in the comments below (I like having comments so I know if people are actually reading this. so if you're reading this and like it, comment below and tell me so I don't just stop writing this FF).

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    Re: Yu-Gi-Oh! Generations: Chapter 3

    Fantastic cliff hanger.

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    Re: Yu-Gi-Oh! Generations: Chapter 3

    Quote Originally Posted by naruto kyuubi View Post
    Fantastic cliff hanger.
    Thanks! Chapters 1 & 2 incase you want them.

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