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    Re: Custom Elements Bureau

    Custom element Japanese name:Naiyachiri
    Custom element English name:Diamond Dust
    The element is based on:Diamond Dust
    Facts that prove the element to be possible (in the manga context): Well as we all know Ice release already exists in the manga in the KG and hiden form, So does hidden mist and fog techniques, This CE is quite heavily based on them.
    How it works:Diamond dust is similar to fog in that it is a cloud based at the surface; however, it differs from fog in two main ways. Generally fog refers to a cloud composed of liquid water (the term ice fog usually refers to a fog that formed as liquid water and then froze, and frequently seems to occur in valleys with airborne pollution such as Fairbanks, Alaska, while diamond dust forms directly as ice). Also, fog is a dense enough cloud to significantly reduce visibility, while diamond dust is usually very thin and may not have any effect on visibility (there are far fewer crystals in a volume of air than there are droplets in the same volume with fog). However, diamond dust can often reduce the visibility, in some cases to under 600 m (2,000 ft).

    The depth of the diamond dust layer can vary substantially from as little as 20 to 30 m (66 to 98 ft) to 300 metres (980 ft). Because diamond dust does not always reduce visibility it is often first noticed by the brief flashes caused when the tiny crystals, tumbling through the air, reflect sunlight to your eye. This glittering effect gives the phenomenon its name since it looks like many tiny diamonds are flashing in the air.
    Diamond dust is a ground-level cloud composed of tiny ice crystals. This meteorological phenomenon is also referred to simply as ice crystals and is reported in the METAR code as IC. Diamond dust generally forms under otherwise clear or nearly clear skies, so it is sometimes referred to as clear-sky precipitation. It is most commonly observed in Antarctica and the Arctic, but it can occur anywhere with a temperature well below freezing. In Polar regions diamond dust may continue for several days without interruption.
    Usage Examples:
    (Naiyachiri no jutsu)-Diamond Dust Technique
    Description: The user releases large quantitys of wind and water chakra in to the enviroment, With a higher focus on water chakra causing the temperature to drop dramatically and forming a thick fog of diamond dust covering a large radius, This is the base release of diamond dust and a prerequisite to further techniques.

    (Naiyachiri Kihou)-Diamond Dust Pressure
    Description: The user after releasing the diamond dust around his opponent raises one arm and balls it in to a fist, As he does so the diamond dust gathers around his opponents body constricting them with a large quantity of the dust causing painful bruising and if prolonged broken bones.
    -Note- Can only be used twice.

    (Naiyachiri Mirā)-Diamond Dust Mirror
    Description: The user after releasing the diamond dust around his location raises both arms and crosses them in to an X shape, As he does so the diamond dust gathers in front of him forming a large mirror of diamond dust capable of defending him from techniques, An interesting quirk of the technique is that the user can focus his chakra in to the mirror and use it as a medium to cast his foe in to a genjutsu upon eye contact.
    -Note- Can cast opponent in any Genjutsu up to A rank and below.

    Conditions to be able to use it:Must have excellent chakra control, Must have mastered water and wind, Must be kage or above.
    Is weak to:Fire, The heat from the flames causes the diamond dust to melt reverting itself in to a watery form which in turn would douse the fire, Making it have some neutrality, Earth, The force of earth is able to cause blunt force dispersal of the diamond dust, Lightning, The sheer destructive charges of raiton are able to shatter the diamond dust crystals.
    Is strong against:Water, Due to its composition water only serves to increase the power and number of diamond dust shards in the air, Wind, Again due to its composition wind serves only to increase the coldness of the diamond dust making even standing inside of it cause a small numbing effect for an opponent.
    Co-creator: Rasnall
    Students I passed this custom element on too: ? & ?


    ✗ Declined: You just made ice. A lot of people use known KG elements as stepping stones towards their own CE without knowing the KG, that's not forbidden as even the manga showed that that is possible. But that's not what you did, you just made ice. In theory what you wrote as a CE is not against the rules, however it would be necessary to state that you need to have an ice bio to use it. Secondly this is just snow and we already have a snow CE (for some reason it got approved) and snow can already be used in the RP. Everything you explained now can be done with snow, the snow CE even clearly states it are ice crystals and I really see no difference with that and what you wrote here.
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