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    Re: Custom Elements Bureau

    Custom element Japanese name: Hyōga mizu
    Custom element English name: Glacier Water
    The element is based on: Water + Wind + Chakra Control
    Facts that prove the element to be possible (in the manga context):
    Well I'm going to cover several point on the Facts that prove this element can exist in Manga Contexts the first point is how Wind effects the Waters Tempature as we have seen with Ice Release when wind is used in combonation and the chakra is controlled it can become colder then it was oringally now the point of being able to keep the Water at such a low tempature without it freezing is simple a Ninja that is in touch with his chakra can be know to control every asspect of it this has been seen in more then one way on how Shinobi can both shape and move their technqiues freely Glacier water is no different by having great control of the chakra a shinobi can bring it to such a low tempature and keep it there

    My next point is that Glacier and the water of that tempature does exist in both Narutoversue and real life as seen in the Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow there where Glacier which a fight took place on and there where Glacier on the land in general now this is just a note not a main point also when they where traveling in the ship the water that they where travelingover in such a cold area would be at a freezing degree and if a Shinobi was to insert ther chakra into that water they would be able to control a that water which like stated before in this is at such a different tempature then normal water now there no real difference beside the water created by the Shinobi is already at that temmpature

    My other point is the use of water in a general by people on more then several points in the Manga we have seen Zabuza use water and Kakashi use Water Jutsus so my point is that reguardless of the tempature or the fact that its infused with wind this style is very possible due to the Yuki being able to combined Wind and Water to create Ice

    My last point is the proof chakra can be pressured if you look at the rasengan the sphere is pressured to maintain its form also deidaras clay technqiues include pressure to cause things to exploded by forcing pressure throught the chakra so by pressuring the chakra in glacier water and being able to control it the water would be able to maintain its below zero tempature

    How it works:
    Well Glacier Water works by the user gathering up Water chakra and mixing it with Wind Chakra to drop the Tempature of the water similar to the way you combine Water and Wind to create Ice Release but in this Instance the user can not change the water into Ice as they are not Yuki and do to this the user will use chakra control to place pressure on to the Water Molecules allowing it to remain at its very lower tempature without it freezing. The though of Glacier water came from when I was walking through the Rain and was hit by a Gust of Wind which anyone knows if your soaking wet in the rain and your hit by Wind you become very cold like a freezing cold Glacier Water work in a similar way but instead of someone already being wet and then hit by wind the Water is already at a low tempature and when in contact with human skin can cause Hypothermia and frost bite

    Glacier Water can be used three ways One being what was mentioned above which is by infusing the water and wind chakra and maintaing its lower tempature to create the Glacier water the second way would be to use a pre existing source of water and by adding Glacier water chakra into it to then take control of the water and the third way would be to use a pre existing source of Glacier Water which can be carried in a bottle allowing the user to cut time on creating the Glacier Water since the user already has it pre created

    Thoe Glacier Water can be control and used due to its low tempature it can not be channeled into weapons such as Kunias and Swords this is due to the fact that it would freeze the metal and cause it to shatter

    Also due to it Tempature Glacier Water also contains small pieces of Ice thoe it has these small pieces of Ice the user can not Control these pieces of Ice it als leaves frost on the ground which also can not be controlled

    Usage Examples:

    (Hyōga mizu rirīsu: Tōketsu sufia) Glacier Water Release: freezing Sphere
    Type: Attack
    Rank: A
    Chakra: 30
    Damage: 60
    The User will gather up Glacier Water chakra while gathering the chakra they will do 4 handsigns and release a large Sphere of Glacier Water at their opponent

    (Hyōga mizu rirīsu: Supiningu hyōga jett) Glacier Water Release: Spinning Glacier Jet
    Type:Attack / Defense
    Rank: S
    Range: Long
    Chakra: 40
    Damage: 80
    The User will insert Glacier Water Chakra into a nearby Water source after doing so the user will take control of the water and cause a giant spinning jet of Glacier Water to rise up the user then canfreely command the spinning jet

    * can only be used once per battle
    * No S rank or above Glacier Water Technqiues for 2 turns after this

    Conditions to be able to use it:
    - User Must be atleast Kage Rank to use Glacier Water
    - Must Have Mastery over Water Release
    - Must have Mastery over Wind Release
    - Must Have Great Chhakra Control

    Is weak to:
    - Wind Release ( Glacier Water can be Pushed away by Wind Release)
    - Earth Release ( Glacier Water is same as regular wtaer when it comes to Earth)
    - Advanced Wind Release Elements
    - Advanced Earth Release Elements
    - Ice Release (Glacier Water can be Frozen by Ice Release)

    Is strong against:
    - Fire Release ( Glacier Water can very easily take out Fire Techniques)
    - Water Release ( due to being so cold Glacier Water can freeze regular Water)
    - Advanced Fire Release Elements
    - Advanced Water Release Elements
    - Wood Release ( Glacier Water can freeze Wood as its Growing)

    Co-creator: ~ Orochimaru~
    Students I passed this custom element on too: ? & ?


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