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    The Warrior Chap 2 New beginings

    The Warrior(Chosen One) Chapter 2 New Beginning
    Filled with rage and sorrow over his mother death in the battle field nagashi is left comfortless and angry this goes on for weeks and month until he gets a message of great importance .

    Ibuki:Hi Nagashi How are you holding up.

    Nagashi:Im fine it just hard to realize she is really gone.

    Ibuki:Yeah I Know the feeling I too lost My brother some years ago.

    Nagashi:Am sorry.

    Ibuki:No problem am over it.

    Nagashi:Your visit was surprising hope nothing wrong.

    Ibuki:Em,nothing wrong the council asked me to call you.

    Nagasi:Call me for what.

    Ibuki:I don’t know am sure they will explain it to you.

    Nagashik lets start going shall we.

    Ibuki:Take my horse am gonna stay here for while .

    Nagashik have you talked to iyashi.

    Ibuki:Nope he asked for some time alone.


    Ibuki:But I will pay him a visit this evening.

    Nagashi:All right bye.

    (Nagashi gets on the horse racing to see the council as he arrives he asks question concerning his summoning by the council Only for the council men to drop to their kneels saying shailia meaning leader)

    NagashI: Why are you calling me that is this why I was called.

    Council elder :With your mother passing away you have inherited the throne.

    Nagashi: what??

    Council elder :Leader ship has been passed on to you this is what your mother wanted.

    Nagashi: Stop this nonsense is this a joke or what??

    Council elder:No it is not she gave us this scroll to give to you
    (Hands over the scroll)

    Nagashi: why give me this

    Council elder:Ayame gave us strict instructions to give you this sealed scroll.

    Nagashi: If it is sealed how do I open it.

    Council elder: By blood bite your finger and used the blood to open the scroll.

    (With much hesitation he bites his finger using the blood to open the scroll)
    Nagashi my son you opening this letter means I am dead and also means that a great responsibility now falls on your shoulder you shall lead the noki clan bee a good leader and a good warrior but most of all be a person one of strength and wisdom you must not carry over the sins of our clan make peace with other clans and end the blood shed in the village you shall be giving exclasia along with the noki armour which signifies leadership, bye for now my son ayame your mother.

    Nagashi:sobs.thank you mother this meant a lot to me(whispers to himself)
    Council elder: We shall make the arrangements and the festival will be done at night.


    Council elder: Today of course and one more little thing.

    Nagashi: Every new leader must fight the rival clan leader that being the the kanshi.

    Nagashi: No.

    Council elder :it is a must your mother did so and so shall you ,you must battle iyashi.

    Nagashi: you are asking me to battle the man my mother told me to be peaceful with...........

    Council elder: Yes we are.

    Nagashi: How did iyachi suddenly become the kanshi clan leader .

    Council elder: His father died too and so he is also the next to the throne.

    Nagashi:You said this is ritual meaning my mother did this action too.

    Council elder: Yes she lost to yamato that is why this is important.

    Nagahsi:I see.

    Council elder: we need to get the upper hand of this matter.

    Nagashi: Its getting dark I have to get on my way and think about this..

    Council elder: Good idea Meet us at the royal square in some hours.


    Council Elder:Agreed.

    (Saddles horse and runs away heading for home ,meanwhile ibuki is just arriving iyachi house)

    Ibuki: (Pants heavily) wow I ran here immediately when i saw you where home.

    Iyachi:Ran here immediately?? right what were you doing at nagashi house hold?

    Ibuki:Who told you that.

    Iyachi:That’s not the point where you there or you were not.

    Ibuki: I was but

    IyachiHolds her neck tightlty) you whore

    Ibuki:you are hurting me.

    Iyachi:don’t see him again.

    Ibuki: I wont.

    Nagashi: ok( removes hand from neck)

    Ibukicoughs out) what are you all dressed and suited up for.

    Iyachi: I have been chosen as the kanshi clan leader following yamato death.

    Ibuki; congratulations.

    Iyachi:Nagashi too he is to fight me as part of the swearing in traditions.

    Ibuki:I never could have guessed that both of you would become leaders

    Iyachi: Yeah me too

    (Nagashi knock on the door looking for ibuki to tell her the news)

    Iyachi: who is that??

    Nagashi: Its me.

    Iyachi: Nagashi I recognize your voice any day what are you doing here.

    Nagashi: may I come in?

    Iyachi: sure.

    Nagashi: we are to battle each other at morning tomorrow.

    Iyachi:I know that they told me before they swore me in.

    Nagashi:So soon.

    Iyachi: I like to get over things fast.

    Nagashi: Ok ibuki come lets go.

    Ibuki: Am busy right now.

    Nagashi: No go just remember our discussion.


    (Nagashi escorts ibuki home and then prepares for the swearing in tradition where he received the sword of the creator ,clan armor and other valuables and after the celebration he takes a walk home thinking about the fight tomorrow with iyachi while walking he suddenly bumps into iyachi )

    Nagashi:Iyachi didn’t expect to see you here.

    Iyachi: cant sleep.

    Nagashi: Thinking about the fight tomorrow yeah me too.

    Iyachi: Later nagashi till tomorrow I wont go simple on you.

    Nagashi:We shall see.

    Iyachi: just for the record leave ibuki alone or I will kill you.

    Nagashi: still have that attitude just like you pops?
    Iyachi: still have that free way behavior like your mom?

    Nagashi: yes I do.

    IyachI: and yes me too prepare well tomorrow and sleep well goodnight

    Nagashi:Yeah you too

    ( Both go separate ways iyachi going home nagashi to his mother grave)
    Nagashi:Mom am sorry I have not come here since I am ready now I saw the scroll that you left me and I promise to do you and our clan well I fight iyachi tomorrow it will be tough but I think I will pull through ,I promise to visit more good bye mom I will always love you.

    (A cold chilling breeze passes swiftly and blows away some leaves)

    Nagashi: Thanks mum next time you see me I would have fought iyachi.
    (Wanders and walks away going home)


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    Re: The Warrior Chap 2 New beginings

    You guys should tell me your thought on the chap

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