Like we all know, Ino and her dad have already explain that if the technic use by pain is somehow close or related to the yamanaka clan's power (mind exchance) the controller need to be in a certain range of the body it control.

Base on this thesis ( and the fact that kishi always gives us the pieces of the puzzle but somehow manage to suprise us) and the last quote of Konan where she turn arround and clearly say NAGATO instead of Pein has she usualy does.

From that point, we can easily assume that she didn't turn arround to confirm that he was going to do the Shinra Tensei since she saw the five path of pein falling on the ground. I'm pretty sure that pein was near the town all that time. If my theory is true, it will be a 2 against 1 (or 3 if konan join the fight). But continuing on speculation, if Pein is to be near the town, he won't help Yahiko's body in the fight. Pein is more likely to be really weak at this moment, not only did he just shortent his life spand, but dividing his power into six body increass your power only if the six stay together. I'm not saying that anyone could beat Nagato (because I was speaking of Nagato, God realm even alone seems to be a pain in the ass) but he will need to go back to his tower and eventually come back has the sage of the six path.

If Nagato is to be near the town, like I think he his, his ability is most likely to be the ultimate space/time jutsu, just like madara but without the EMS. This ability would be the perfect one for Nagato since he need to cover large distance fast, to never get hurt since the other body depends on him (like madara who is untuchable) and it would also seel the deal with the Rinnegan. It is said that it can use all element and do all the jutsu there is, space/time is the only one we haven't seen yet .

If you have any comment or correction please tell me, all I want is to sucessefully predict Kishi's next move and I don't think I can do it alone

Long live the will of firesantasmile