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    Naruto In 200"9"

    Yaaa its just a matter of days tht we all enter the new year heyyy i wish u every one all success

    Just predict wht would b naruto in 200"9"

    i read some where on net when i surfed last n8

    naruto in 2009 gonna b mainly about!!!!
    1>Sage naruto!!!!and other element manipulation mostly water

    2> Wht are the circumstances tht created pain!!!!{mostly gonna come in de battle b/w naruto}
    3> more about Sixth form of Nature Transformation, likely Yin-Yang {naruto -kyubbi}
    4>of course about MINATO NAMIKAGE and KUSHINA!!!!{also deals with why is the fourth seal weaking}
    does there any blood line limit 4 naruto n regarding tht!!!!!
    5>True goals of tobi or madara!!!!!
    6>more info about zetsu
    7>sasuke get EMS???(wtf??????)
    8>naruto vs sasuke!!!!!
    9>itachi's power which is given to naruto!!!!!
    bla bla bla
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