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  • Kages show out! And get the "W"!

    3 30.00%
  • Madara and muu wreck house!

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  • someone has to interfere

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  • both sides lose in a sense (madara gets seal, kage dies)

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    Kages showcase true powers, Predictions on what they might Unleash!

    So basically We will see the 5 kages at there best with no holding back (with the exception of gaara and oonoki because they wasted allot of chakra already).

    We finally get to see if the Raikage unleashes his true powers (he was holding back against sasuke)
    A real senju (a lil diluted, but a senju non the less) go all out and see tsunade measure up to the other 2 sanins (hopefully)
    Oonoki looks like he has a trick left
    Gaara is still in the desert, nuff said (almost unbeatable in the desert)
    and we get to see mei with her 2 KG and 3 elements!

    Ima try and guess some of the abilities..

    Raikage takes off the belt and weights to show/unleash his true potential (kinda like danzou with his seals to suppress his powers). And hopefully get a lightning arm, or replace the missing arm with

    Tsunade will heal oonoki to make him good to go (gaara aswell i assume), and she will show case some of her grandfather/senju powers (something about the body since thats what the senjus received)

    Oonoki will... well.. Use a tech to become young again, or use a secret tech that will make the battle ground affected. (

    Mei, well we will just have to wait and see..

    and gaara with his sand could help protect/atk/combo/hold still/etc etc. in the desert almost anything is possible for

    what do you guys think? what will happen when madara and a half powerful controlled muu combat the DREAM TEAM of that generation?

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    Re: Kages showcase true powers, Predictions on what they might Unleash!

    We don't really know any of their capabilities short of what we've already seen. Maybe the Raikage will use the 4 Finger Hell Bringer attack.

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    Re: Kages showcase true powers, Predictions on what they might Unleash!

    Let's just see.

    Raikage, he could be faster without those weighs he's wearing plus we might get to see him use lightning ninjutsus

    Tsunade, she could perform Senju or Uzumaki techiniques.

    Onoki & Gaara, they have showed alot imo, but I have a feeling they will show some more tricks.

    Mei, we'll get to see her KKG! :>

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    Re: Kages showcase true powers, Predictions on what they might Unleash!

    Madara will win and Onoki will die

    But then tobi comes and pwns everyone

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    Re: Kages showcase true powers, Predictions on what they might Unleash!

    Raikage will take off his belt and the belt will destroy the ground beneath him. Lol the wieght weighed tons and raikage is much more agile and faster. Also before or right after the Mabui teleportation thing raikage got his arm back because tsunade heale him (speculative based on seeing something that looks like a hand in the last page). Raikage will go ham doing all sorts of WWE ninja attacks lol. Powerbombs, leg drops, hell he might summon a cage that surrounds him and madara and have a lil cage match! Btw i dont think he held back on sasuke but hopefully raikage doesnt decide to attack through one of madaras amaterasus.

    Tsunade is going to showcase her water style jutsus!!!! Besides she noted they needed to stop madaras fire styles so i guess that hints her having water style. Which would make sense since shes both senju and uzamaki. Also i expect tsunade being a heavy hitter and not just support. No attack from madara or muu will touch her, she taught sakura that a med ninja should never be hit. She will also remind madara shes grand daughter of the 1st, the one to beat him.

    Gaaras sand is lighter thanks to oonioki so that will play a huge role. Gaara already knows the weakness of sasunoo and hes in a dessert for christ sake. Hes used alot of chakra already but hes basically proven that he has a huge reserve. Equal of still having the 1 tail in him.

    Oonoiki is going to die fighting but put up a great fight. He cant use dust but he'll make everyone able to fly. Lol the fight is going to look like DBZ!

    Meis gunna hit on madara. Do lava and steam/vapor blah blah.

    I just want to see tsunade raikage and oonioki do there thing. Gaara has done alot sealing his dad and mizukage. Mei i really dont care too much of. Tsunade has been underrated for a long time. Raikage is such a beast but compared to his dad now looks like a scrub so i want raikage to look like a beast again (his dad is like chuck norris. Only raikage can hurt raikage.) and oonoiki is old and needs a heroic death.

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