Myself i would love to see an Fuuton Rasenshuriken + Amatsuri Since the air would fuel the fire.

Hermit's Art: Hair Needle Barrage + Toad Mouth Binding

I would have liked to have seen this jutsu combination done by Jiraiya himself. After entering Sage Mode Jiraiya does the Toad Mouth Binding technique, which cause the area to turn into the belly of a Fire breathing Toad. Jiraiya constricts the enemy. Now the enemy has a hard time getting loose, and while the enemy struggles Jiraiya instantly does Hermit's Art: Hair Needle Barrage. That is Jiraiya's fastest attack, and it covers a wide range. So if the enemy does manage to escape, he'd be turn into Swiss cheese regardless.

The Ultimate Weapon projectile Technique. Sasuke and Naruto.

All Direction Shuriken + Summoning • Lightning Blade Creation + Shadow Shuriken Technique (Rigged) + Henge Huge Shuriken

Naruto will use Mass Shadow Clone jutsu to surround to opponent. Naruto uses All Direction Shuriken. The Shinobi jumps into the threes and Sasuke uses Summoning Lighting Blade Creation to further throw shuriken at the opponent. Naruto secretly transforms shadow clone in to a Huge Shuriken and throws it toward Sasuke. Sasuke then uses both Shadow Shuriken and the Transformed Shadow clone Shuriken. Sasuke throws the Shadow clone at the enemy, then the Shadow Shuriken later. The enemy watches as the Shuriken transforms into Naruto. Naruto then tosses Kunai at the enemy. He's hurt, but notices that he has to dodge the shadow Shuriken. He notices two of them, but one of them automatically misses him. Naruto does taijutsu with the enemy, then a piece of the last shuriken, which was rigged by a wire pierces the enemy and disperses. the shadow clone