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    Some interesting Observations on 430

    Firstly, a truly awesome chapter santasmile . In a way, i think it was better that 430 came out late, we would have to wait less for 431 :D

    Some observations on 430

    1. Naruto has 6 frogs with him now. I think they will help him fight Pein's animal summons

    • Gamabunta - Middle
    • 2 Fighter toads on either side of Gamabunta
    • Gamakichi( I think so.. ) - On Gamabunta
    • Fukasaku and Ma toad - On Gamakichi.

    2. There are many survivors and we can still hope for Kakashi to be fine.

    3. Conveniently, Kishi has explained the absence of all the Hyuugas ( except Hinata & other guy ). Hiyashi sama & Hanabi Sama were were away. Neji was on a mission. As many of you have pointed out in threads, I think Hyuuga's abilities would have uncovered Pain's secret a lot earlier and hence Kishi had to send them all away

    4. From what everybody is saying on threads & discussion i gather that you all are of the opinion that the demon guy revived Asura Pain ( Mechanical body) only. I think he revived all of the five other bodies and Asura pain was the last. Kishi just did not show it all to us. That Demon is the one who puts life into dead bodies or revives them. Thats how Pain's three bodies came to life after Jiraiya took them out in a fight. I hope he doesn't bring back the asura pain whom Naruto took out in a hit back to life again.

    5. Kishi is setting up a slight advantage to Naruto to justify his win by saying Pain's body recovery is slower than before. At the same time, Naruto is not going to fight just one body of Pain as we all expected but all 6 bodies of Pain. Kishi does not want to deny Naruto the glory either. He really wants Naruto to defeat or almost defeat Pain ( before Pain retreats) and really prove that Naruto has exceeded Jiraya.

    6. I still cannot say for sure whether Naruto Punched Asura Pain or hit him with Rasengan. I confess i do not see any ball showing rasengan but his fingers are outstreched just like he it is while hitting someone with Rasengan. So we have to wait and see

    7.And most importantly, in the last page it says, "His Aim is for Pain's head" and Naruto says "I'm gonna finish this". santasmilesantasmilesantasmile

    From the above point i can come to come conclusions

    1. This is gonna be a big badass jutsu ! worshippy
    2. Naruto will throw "it", as he is "aiming" for Pain's head.
    3. It probably is the completed form of Wind Element RasenShuriken which was incomplete. Remember what Chouji said in the recent anime ? He said that he had thought that Wind Element RasenShuriken can be thrown (like a shuriken) and it was explained that Naruto did not have time for training to complete it. So this leads me to believe that it was this that Naruto was training on secretly ( in Toad Mountain). That's when we see the trees and hills sliced in half. Completed throwable form of Wind Element RasenShuriken

    Comments please. What do you guys think ?
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