Ok so Konoha has been devastated. There aren't any defenses and it seems that a lot of ninja have been killed during the invasion of Pain. Now that just about everything has been destroyed by Pain with that Shinra Tensei Konoha seems to have fallen. Sure there may be a decent number of ninja still alive but Konoha is gone. So what I think may happen is there is a power vacuum. The biggest and most powerful village has been wiped out. The land of Fire has pretty much no Ninja force right now. The other villages and countries will all invade hoping to carve out The Land of Fire's territory. I'm sure the Mist, Rock and Rain will all attempt to attack while the Sand and Lightning will come to Konoha's aid. (Actually not too sure of Lightning but just hoping.) I'm pretty sure that the Waterfall village will stay neutral and the Grass will be like mercs and play both sides. This event will lead the Naruto world into a new Ninja War. But I feel that in the midst of this war Naruto will bring peace to the world and restore Konoha and become the Hokage for the new Konoha, fulfilling the Toad Sage's promise. Tell me what you think. Also reps greatly appreciated.