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    The Warrior Chapter 3(Correcting the past)

    The day have finally come when iyachi and nagashi face off in the fight between clan leaders it is a warm sunny morning and the scene starts at iyachi houses with a trumpet being blown from outside the door.

    Hiashi: Arise Leader for today you become a man(blows trumpet again)

    Iyachijumps out of bed )Who the hell is that

    Hiashi: its me hiashi

    Iyachi: I don’t know anyone with such a name

    Hiashi: The clan elders sent me

    Iyachi(Opens the door)What do you want

    Hiashi: I was told to look after you and prep you for the fight

    Iyachi :Come in

    HiashiHands him some battle amour)I was told to give you this too

    Iyachi: I don’t need that for a battle I will win

    Hiashi: I insist please

    Iyachi: No I am alright with this

    Iyachi: At least take the sword and the Ricuyen(Clans golden sword said to be forged by Devils)

    Iyachi: Alright I will take the ricuyen

    Hiashi: Then I must teach you the basics

    Iyachi: Go ahead

    Hiahsi:1.The ricuyen can control you if you are of a weak heart .2.Overusing it leads to death.

    Iyachi: You only mentioned the bad sides ricuyen can pierce through anything right??

    Hiashi: Yes it must be held with care some users have died by the sword


    Hiashi: Lets begin you have to be one with the sword to use it

    Iyachi: While are we wasting time talking begin please

    Hiashi: Cut your flesh and put the blood on the sword

    Iyachi:Done then what

    Hiashi: Strike it twice

    Iyachi: I cant

    Hiahsi: With more force

    Iyachi: Yeah I am done

    Hiashi: Your not compatible give me the sword back

    Iyachi: All that stuff for nothing

    Hiashi:Im sorry if you were dark energy will flow through you and the sword

    Iyachi: No

    Hiashi: Good luck in your fight

    IyachI: Give me the sword let me try harder and use in the fight

    Hiashi: It will merely Be a normal sword

    Iyachi:I was known as the cursed kid through my life so no I choose to believe

    Hiashi: All right

    IyachiCollects sword)Good bye

    Hiashi: OK

    Many hours after their talk iyachi arrives with ricuyen for the battle waiting for nagashi who is nowhere to be found

    Iyachi: Where is He

    Crowd:It seems he ran away or is scared

    Iyachi: Battle over I win by default

    Crowd:::Boo Boo Boo

    Nagashi arrives at the arena with exclasia the famous sword that emits orange light and energy

    Iyachi: You coward you got scared

    Nagashi: No just felt sorry for you

    Arena Warlord: Enough Battle in the count of three

    Crowd: 1,2,3,

    Iyachi Moves back and throw the knives at nagashi which Then draws out exclasia as a defense and counters the sword the two go head to head iyachi draws out more knives nagashi draws out exclasia which breaks the knives and hits iyachi tearing his flesh from his hand with blood gushing down iyachi brings out ricuyen in a rage and blood thirsty mode and the dark energy is seen flowing from the sword to him he then jump up aiming for nagashi heart with a last resort nagashi blocks and protect his heart but is struck on his belly. Now both iyachi and nagashi are tired and both bleeding the match looking still miles away from ending . both draw out their sword in the hopes of continuing the fight they both throw their sword which clash form behind as both run to catch it they bring out smaller knives in hope of catching the other person unaware both aims knives at each other throats both then draw back and in a quick second nagashi draws out another longer blade and throws iyachi his opponent down pointing the sword to his face and threatening to hit him
    Iyachi: Go ahead

    Nagashi: I shall correct the mistake made by our tribes and leaders so I shall not kill you in the hope of peace one day I will not kill you(Drops sword)

    Iyachi: Nice stories(picks up sword and slices nagashi leg hitting his knee leaving him in pain)

    Warlord: Match Over nagashi wins

    Hiashi(Stays at the stands) Wow so he really activated the ricuyen what skill he has.

    Nagashi: I wont wage war against you for I shall make harmony

    IyachI: Get out

    Nagashi :A new rule shall be made one of no fighting and bloodshed

    Crowd: yes ,yes

    Iyachi;(Gets up) A battle lost today a victory achieved tomorrow

    Nagashi: What

    Iyachi: I declare war on your clan

    Nagashi: Don’t be stupid

    Hiashi: That’s enough

    The both leave the battle arena with nagashi having achieved a great amount of ego from his victory while iyachi more hungry for nagashi blood the hate of the two clans look as if it is about to carry on what shall happen and what shall will do

    Next Chapter
    Council Gathers


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