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Meh I don't think so. Sasuke won't show up for a while. He failed to capture the eight tails, so he may have to go after him again. I don't see Naruto and Sasuke teaming up anytime soon, if at all. People refuse to accept Sasuke's darker turn. He wants to deystroy Konoha, at least at the present he does. Something could always come and change his mind. On the whole topic of using Madara and whatnot he's using him (or trying to anyway Madara isn't one to try and mess with by any means) in his usual selfish way to gain power. He did want the eight tails after all.
1 - Sasuke delivered the suppossed 8-tails and told Madara he was going to Knoha (after healing). They have all healed already. Sasuke had already begun to head to Konoha by the time Madara realized that was not the 8-tails.

2 - I don't think they will team up soon, but they will in order to fight against Pain and Madara. Soon= it will take several manga. It will not be soon for us, but may be quite quick for them!

3 - He wants the 8-tails as otherwise he cannot get the 9-tails. But with the 9-tails, if I'm not mistaken, you can control the other bijuus. That's why he offered Sasuke one, after all, with the 9 no bijuu would accept Sasuke's orders.

4 - Sasuke bad or good? We still don't know. He has NEVER done anything against the village. He was considered to be a traitor because he went to Oro's, but he never actually did anything against them, except attacking Naruto when they met, but he was under the spell of the cursed seal, which is not there any more.