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    How To Apply for Training In RP

    ~How To Apply for Training In RP~


    This is a frequently asked question on the Base, so I decided to aid this community! Part of the reason why it is asked so much is because it's not directly spelled out, so here it is! Before I begin, please make sure you have made an approved bio, which needs at least 50 posts, before requesting training. You can find the rules for this here. Please follow these guidelines when applying for training from one of our senseis!

    Senseis and Senpais, What Is the Difference?

    First, let us realize who senseis are. Senseis are distinguishable by their orange names. They have passed a rigorous two part test (one part written, and another battle test) So, they are very knowledgeable and can teach you anything! Many of them, being so few senseis, are busy, but do not get discouraged! One of the ways they relieve their work load and increase efficiency is by having senpais. Senpais have no color name, but some may have a logo on their avatar that directly states they are a senpai. Senpais are only capable of teaching the five basic elements (with few exceptions such as Jacob Moore who can also teach kenjutsu, or sword fighting). Sadly, even this system has been overloaded and now many senpais are too busy to take students.

    The Process

    1. Gain 50 posts and make a bio according to the template.

    2. Wait for approval (or a decline) and once approved, you are ready!

    3. Gain enough posts to become Chuunin. You can find how many posts that takes here*.

    4. The most important step is to apply for training through VM (visitor message), PM (private message), or an application that they created. DO NOT CREATE YOUR OWN THREADS REQUESTING TRAINING FOR THEY WILL IGNORE YOU THERE

    5. Most likely they will decline, but if they accept, you may make a thread for training here.

    6. A lot of the time, they will refer you to their senpai (most senseis have one, but not all) who will then be able (or not able to take you). If declined, be patient and try again later. If accepted, follow the same procedure as Step 5.

    *This step is optional, but recommended for the sole reason that as a Chunin, you can at least learn up to C rank jutsus. As you learn jutsus, most of time, you will rise up in rank along the way, creating a growth in knowledge of jutsu.

    Final Words

    One of the biggest problems on the Base involves an extreme lack of senseis. This creates a huge mass of people untrained. This was temporarily fixed with the senpai system, but because of the huge rush of trainees, that system has now also become overwhelmed. However, the most important thing to not forget is someday, someone WILL accept you. Just be patient and above all, tenacious. Do not be passive, but certainly not rude either. Best of luck, and enjoy everything this site has to offer with role-playing (RP). If you need me to train you in battle tactics (how to battle), I can train you anytime even though I'm not a sensei or senpai. Happy training!
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