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    Draco's Order, Chapter 2: The Search

    Chapter 2
    The search

    Later that fate-filled life changing day, Draco sits in the lunch hall surrounded by people, but all alone. His mind is adrift because he needs to locate the four students his desire told him. Shifting his eyes out towards the window, he notices the reflection of Fred and George Weasley chatting to each other across the hall. Curious as to why they are in Hogwarts, he decides to asks his former ally, Crabbe.

    "Crabbe, what are those two bluffs doing here?" Draco asks Crabbe, without turning his eyes from the window.

    "Visiting probably, or advertising their bloody joke shop. Pathetic, isn't it?" Crabbe responds before stuffing his face with what appears to be cupcakes.

    "Almost as pathetic as the Slytherin fool I'm sitting next to." Draco tells Crabbe in a smartelic tone, which confuses Crabbe.

    "What's your problem?" Crabbe asks, wiping the food crumbs from his face.

    "You poor ignorant kid." Draco says while turning around to face Crabbe. He picks up one of the cupcakes and throws it out into the hall. "Run now. It's the only thing you can do I imagine, if your fat arse can do even do that." Draco harshly tells Crabbe, who follows the orders, leaving the pan of cupcakes behind. Draco picks one up and stares at the cupcake, which has the number two written on it. His eyes lock onto the number and then the two twins. He then drops the cupcake back to the pan and then walks through the door. Snape notices this and looks back at the twins, but dismisses it.

    "So then, Georgie here blows the entire shelf up." Fred tells Flitwick and McGonagall, staff of Hogwarts, causing them to laugh.

    "Well, I learned from the best." George tells the two teachers.

    "I cannot condone any of this behavior, but I'm glad you two are doing fine." McGonagall says with a smile, to which Flitwick nods his head to.

    "I agree. Although, since you two are not students anymore, I do condone that sort of behavior." Flitwick chimes in, causing McGonagall to look at him, dissaproving.

    "Or not." he adds, but then winks at the two boys.

    "Well, it would be a shame if we didn't go see Ron, so we'll see you two later." George says.

    "Don't you mean it wouldn't be a shame?" Fred asks George.

    "True." George answers Fred.

    "Be good to your brother!" McGonagall tells the twins, who are now leaving. "Such interesting young men." she turns to Flitwick.

    "They do have a good future ahead of them though." Flitwicks tells McGonagall while waving the twins goodbye.

    In the hallway, Draco sits on near the window, behind the curtain, staring at the Death Eater mark on his arm.

    "Branded, like everyone here." Draco mutters to himself, staring at the window.

    "Not entirely. That's more of a tool. We can use that to our advantage. Use the Dark Arts....use the Dark Lord and his team of wretched idiots. Combine that with the light....the art of hope, and you'll have your own spells." a voice tells Draco, confidently, which causes Draco to look a the window. In the window, he see's the reflection of himself....The same he witnessed earlier that day, in the mirror of Erised. A small shock overcomes his face.

    "What are you doing here? I broke your entire existence over that floor." Draco tells the reflection.

    "I'm in your heart....I'm you. You cannot break can't break us." the reflection tells Draco with a crazed look on it's face.

    "That explains it. Now, what were you rambling back then, about the arts?" Draco asks the reflection, while covering up his arm.

    "Mixing colors create a whole new life. We are that life. If you mix light and dark, you'll gain order. Purity."

    "You ramble about purity a lot. It must be important." Draco tells the reflection.

    "IT IS EVERYTHING!" the reflection yells back at Draco, causing him to look around in fear that someone might've heard it. "Nobody can hear me, but you. As I was saying, purity is everything! To have our order come to life, we must have the best. No muggle-borns.....and no pure-bloods who are linked to them. By that I mean, they cannot date, love, nor care for those lesser breeds. You understand?"

    "Yes. Then that means they cannot qualify?" Draco asks the reflection.

    "No, no. I mean truly care. When it comes down to it, you only care about yourself, right?" The reflection stares into Draco's grey eyes, and then jumps at him. "WRONG! A true wizard cares about others. Not too many like Dumbledore, but not too few like Tom Riddle. Exploit one of those two's careness because they only truly care about the other and you'll have two more in your order!" the reflection says before vanishing. Draco stares at the window in terror, before hearing two voices walk by.

    "Ron's this way. Where are you heading?" Fred asks George.

    "To the bathroom. Can't hold it in forever, right?" George responds. Draco hears the footsteps walk by him, aswell as their laughter. Draco pushes the curtain aside and stands up, locking his eyes onto George who heads into the bathroom. Draco pulls out his wand and slowly approaches the Weasley. In the bathroom, George stares into the mirror, washing his face, but he hears a voice behind him. "Stupefy." Too late to turn around, the spell knocks George's face into the sink. Draco slowly approaches the body and pulls his face from the water.

    "Time for a chat, Weasley, but let's change location." Draco teleports himself and George away.

    Chapter End.

    Chapter 1: Here
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