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    Draco's Order, Chapter 3: Torture

    Chapter 3

    Darkness surrounds the eyes of George Weasley. Then the light known as eyes begin to open. Blurred vision slowly becomes darkness once more. No light is in the room, except for lit candles, which is infront of him, that produce blue flames. Struggling to move, George tries his best to break his right hand free from the chains that hold him against the wall, but to no avail. His legs and arms are stretched out, held by chains, against cold concrete. Where is he? Footsteps stir, a door opens, and George's eyes locks onto a figure he cannot make out.

    "Where am I?!" George shouts to the dark figure, gaining no response. "Show your face, you bloke." George demands, slightly more calmly. The figure answers George by lighting his wand up, producing a red gleam of light. Emerging from that red gleam is an emotionless Draco Malfoy.

    "Malfoy? Where am I? Why can't I move?" George says while struggling to escape. Draco puts his wand down, aiming it at George's clothing.

    "What do you see differently?" Draco asks in the same manner his reflection asked him earlier.

    "What?" George questions, without bothering to look down.

    "Answer me." Draco says calmly, looking straight into George's eyes. George looks down at his clothing with a disgusted look on his face.

    "I don't see anything different, Malfoy. What do you really want?"

    "Look closer. You aren't wearing the Gryffindor watch you had on earlier, now are you?" Draco responds, without blinking an eye. George look at his right arm, curiously.

    "So what? You took some clothing of mine? Big deal. Nothing compared to when I'll have you head." George begins struggling again, but Draco raises his wand to his face.

    "Good. You've lost the attachment of being branded. Now, on to why you're here. I have an offer for-" Draco's sentence is cut off by an angry George.

    "I refuse! Go get another too, Malfoy!" George yells at Draco, who then places the wand on George's heart.

    "Hear me out. Not your mind, but your heart." Fred looks down at Draco, confused. "I'm here because you are worth my time. Worthy of being in an order. Both you and your brother qualify."

    "Leave Freddie alone!"

    "I will, but only if you accept the offer. I'm not threatening you, I assure you, but I'm just telling you what will happen. If you don't accept to be in my group of pure wizards, then you'll have to face Tom Riddle and his group of slaves. Causalities will occur and one really has interested it will you." Draco's wand glows and blinds George, who see's the image of Fred dying. Shock befalls George's face.

    "Your tricks won't fool me."

    "Trick? I only tell the truth. That spell was prediction. A true one. Now, do you really want your dear old brother to die?"

    "No, but I'd go to hell then join you."

    "You will if you don't join me!" Draco says in a tone so different from before. "Hell is coming! Dumbledore is raising everyone up for slaughter just like Tom Riddle. They are all pieces on the same boring game. I want change...I want to play a new game. Not for the safety of everyone or the safety of one....I want it for the safety of those few closest to one's heart. Only the right pure-bloods can have this honor. The are the ones who deserve it! Do you understand?"

    "I understand....You're bloody insane, you know that?" George answers Draco who then runs his hands through his own grey hair in panic.

    "'m not insane." Draco mutters while turning around....turning his back on George. "Stupefy!" Draco yells while turning around and letting his wand stick George in the heart, who screams in pain.

    "Do you worst I won't....turn my back on Dumbledore!" George yells with sweat running down his face.

    "You're turning your back on Fred, not that disgrace of a wizard. Remember that." Draco harshly says before striking George again. "You can stop the pain. You can stop the torture. Join me and we will stop it." Draco strikes him again.

    "Aahhhh!......Erg...." George's head falls down, facing the ground. "I......will...not....join you."

    "So be it." Draco strikes him again and again, receiving more screams from George. "I want order. Purity. No darkness. No light. Only truth. Love. Imagine you with a wife and your brother with his...Peaceful. You cannot have that if one of you are dead!" Draco strikes him with a thunderous assault to the heart. Panting and struggling, George raises his face so he's looking into Draco's eyes.

    "...........Leave Fred alone....and I'll.....join."

    "Fred will join along with you, but you'll be conducting his introduction." Draco releases the chains, legs first and then arms, thus causing George to collapse to the ground. Slowly he stands up to face Draco who holds out his hand. "Accept the order." George shakes his hand. "Good. Rest. Tomorrow, we gain one more to our group." Draco let's go of George's hand and raises his wand. "Stupify." George falls back, unconscious.

    "Welcome to the Order. My order." Draco walks out and shuts the door. The Darkness resumes.

    Chapter End.

    Chapter 1: Here
    Chapter 2: Click
    Sorry this chapter sucked. I'll edit it later. I wanted to enter the Contest. These days entry's flood in.
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    Re: Draco's Order, Chapter 3: Torture

    I'm surprised by how this went. It didn't suck really. o-o
    It's quite interesting to see this kind of plot and story development, good job.

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