K everyone must think it cuz i sure do. Naruto hasnt truly surpassed Yondaime until he can do a couple of things...

1.Learn Flying Thunder God Technique
2.Learn Body Flicker
3.Unlock control and use the Kyuubi's powers
4.Perfect the rasen-shuriken...yea if he destroys his arm when he does it i dont count that is "perfected"
5.become a ninja teacher

He needs to learn yondaimes special techniques or he'll never surpass him...some people say that he surpassed him when he created rasen-shuriken...but yondaime would have done that if the kyuubi hadnt attacked...
people also say that it took yondaime years to make rasengan and took naruto weeks to learn it...but thats just it...its harder to make something than it is to do it...its harder to right a song than it is to play one...
Naruto needs to be a ninja teacher... He needs to be able to pass on somethings that hes learned to the next gen so they'll protect the village like teaching rasengan to konohamaru
he needs to control the kyuubis powers...if yondaime was able to trap the strongest byuu shouldn't naruto be able to control it

what do you think.