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    Guess Script For 431

    I havent done one of these in a while so heres something for you to read while you wait for manga to come out enjoy

    *scene shows naruto facing pein with his clutching his fists as he gets ready to attack*


    Naruto: THATS ENOUGH! *turns his head to tsunade*
    I am not gona let a muderer like him beat me!

    Tsunade: *she screams in fear* NARUTO WATCH OUT!!!!

    *before naruto could turn his head pein stabs naruto right in the heart with his black sword*

    Pein (long hair): *smirks*....feel the pain....*stabs the sword in deeper*

    Naruto: *turns his head to pein in fear and in pain*........*makes mad face*....die!

    Pein (long hair): what are you talking abo-- *the naruto that got stabbed poofs away*

    *narutos hands come out of the ground as he grabs peins feet and his face also comes out of the ground a little and another naruto appears infront of pein spitting out what seems to be oil*

    Naruto (infront of pein): NOW!

    *naruto under pein holding his feat screams in fury*

    Pein (long hair): NO HOW!? *is covered in flames and gets dragged under the ground only his head visible as his body burns underground*

    Pein (god realm): impressive....*stares in amasement*

    Pein (long hair): AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! *screaming in pain while is body is being burned under with only his head coming out of the ground*

    Naruto:....this is for pervy sage! *makes mad face*
    *jumps up and puts together his hands in the air that makes one big fist and smashesh his two fists on Peins head*

    Tsunade: *shocked at narutos new abilitys*...naruto....youve...become strong...real strong...*thinks in her head*

    *scene changes to madara and zetsu talking*

    Zetsu (white): will pein lose the battle?

    Zetsu (dark): of course not you fool!

    Madara: either way...ive got a plan...

    Zetsu: (white): what is it?

    Madara: If pein were to win than there would be no need for me to do this but if he does look like he is loosing i will have sasuke have a renuion with his old friend!

    Zetsu (dark): You mean your gona ask sasuke to finish the job if pein were to lose?

    Madara: extactly....

    *sasuke comes in dragging two cloud ninjas bodys in*

    Sasuke: kisame is taking of the last one....he seems to be stronger than the other two here.... Now what were you saying about me visiting naruto?

    Madara: If pein were to look like he was losing i was saying you and I will go to konoha and save him while you finish off the Jinchuuriki.

    Sasuke: *takes out his katana and stabs it on the table* yes that sounds like a good idea....*looks up to the ceiling*...and i will avenge my brother!

    *Scene changes back to Pein and narutos battle*

    Pein (god realm): Jinchuriki now its my turn....

    Chouji: *from a distance yells and says* watch out for his gravatational power naruto!

    *naruto slowely gets up with his head down and blood dripping on the ground after he had smashed his fists into Pein (long hairs) head*

    Naruto: *lifts his head slowely*...bring it...*lifts his head fully with kyubi eyes dark red and his teeth extremely sharp coming out of his mouth*

    *scene ends with a close up on narutos fist with blood dripping down*

    Tell me what you think?
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