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    Kurama Clan

    Kurama Clan


    Character Information: The Kurama Clan are a clan that appeared only in the anime. They heil from the Konohagakure that are known for their extremely good skill in Genjutsu. They possess a unkown Kekkai Genkai that allows them to enhance their genjutsu capabilities. They have the ability to cause effects within genjutsu to cause tangible effects that occur in reality. The genjutsu is so powerful that it causes the brain to make anything that happens to the victim within the genjutsu physically real, allowing the clan member to potentially kill their opponents with genjutsu. However due to the physical damage being afflicted the victims are instantly freed from the genjutsu. The clan however has a drawback to their Kekkai Genkai and thus they cannot properly control the power from it. This causes the ninja of the clan to develop a subconcious personality which takes charge of maintaining control to some level of their power. To access this Kekkai Genkai they must use a jutsu called the Demonic Possesion Technique which causes their subconcious personality to become awoken and take control. However this cannot be maintained for a lengthly time and after a long enough period the user of the technique will effectively lose themselves to a demonic personality losing rationality and thus after a period of three turns will effectively lose the match.
    Note: Having this bio does not provide the user with additional means of creating genjutsu such as an improvised doujutsu

    Known Clan Characters:
    - Murakumo Kurama
    - Unaki Kurama
    - Uroko Kurama
    - Yakumo Kurama

    - In order to possess a Kurama Clan bio one must be a member for 2 months and be at least S rank.
    - All Kurama Clan biographies must originate from Konoha
    - A member Must have Mastered Genjutsu
    - The Kurama Clan's unique ability is a KG and suffers from all inherent restrictions

    Example Techniques:

    (Akuma Shoji no Jutsu) - Demonic Possesion Technique
    Rank: S
    Type: Supplementary
    Range: Short
    Chakra cost: 40 (-10 per turn activated)
    Damage points: N/A (+20 to genjutsu techniques)
    Description: The Demonic Possesion technique is unique to the Kurama clan in which it allows them to activate their subconious personality that is created from the power of their Kekkai Genkai. Whilst this is activated the user is capable of increasing genjutsu techniques attack power by +20 and causing genjutsu techniques to affect the victim in real aswell meaning if a victim is stabbed with a weapon in a genjutsu they are afflicted the real damage upon them. The user can only maintain this technique for a period of 5 turns and they cannot perform high level elemental ninjutsu
    (S rank techniques) whilst the technique is activated. After the 5 turns have taken place the user then start losing control of the power and begin losing their rationality. They then have 3 turns before they completely lose their mind to a demonic state and lose the match. During the 3 turns they cannot perform genjutsu any further.

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