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    Secret Places of Peace & Solitude.

    ^ Ah yes, now this is what I call "sanctuary." A place where you can get away from it all.

    Do you have one, and if one isn't available where you live then clear your mind and describe for me your idle secret place. We share a portion of our time to escape there. The place that is sacred to you where you can get away from civilization. A place not touched by urbanization (even though I must admit it that standing on the tippy top of skyscrapers is badarse!). A place where stress does not exist...'s peaceful.'s calming.'s the very essence of tranquility.

    Is it a sacred bridge, a gigantic open field, or a waterfall perhaps?


    For me, it's a hidden treasure called "Dolphin Beach." It's not really a beach though. Pretty much it is a gargantuan hillside surrounded by twin lakes which have awesome blue pigments. I couldn't to begin to describe how serene this place looks, let alone how the lush grass feels beneath your feet. Rare birds like falcons, bluejays, and robins frolic and play here. Also, when a full moon breaks out, it becomes that much more elegant.

    I meditate here. My mind is at is at a perfect calm here. The best part about this is that it's the idle spot of seclusion.

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    Re: Secret Places of Peace & Solitude.

    i like the traffic in new york all the horns and people shouting makes me sleepy just thinking about it

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    Re: Secret Places of Peace & Solitude.

    ^ My "sanctuary" (Not the actual picture but close to it)

    My place, It's in Brazil. It's really off the beaten path. Not only do I have to walk down a forest path to get to it but It's a place that I feel is all my own. I used to go here when I stayed in Rio for carnival. It's a great place to actually sit and listen to Nature, I write in my journal. I can go for a swim to relax, the water is warm too. Wildlife is always around so I really get that earthly feel that you just don't get in a city. It was really pretty when it rained as well..The rain would run off the rocks and make the most soothing sound.

    That's my place

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