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    Re: Custom Elements Bureau

    Custom element japanese name: Shokubutsuton

    Custom element english name: Plant Release

    The element is based on:

    Earth ( In order to give them soil that they need )
    Water ( In order to make them grow )
    Chakra ( To manipulate them and make them grow faster )

    Facts that prove the element to be possible (in the manga context):

    As shown in manga Yamato, Danzo and Shodaime had the power to create Wood by combining Earth and Water element based chakra together. The Wood that they created was pretty much just trees or multiple square shaped wood pillars. Unlike Yamato, Shodaime possessed much more beautiful style of using Wood element. He created trees. On other hand there has been shown other ninjas using plants in games, anime and such. Kurenai used Sakura blossoms in her genjutsu, Sakura did so too and Ino threw flowers at enemies. This is pretty much the fact that prove this element to be possible. I was designing an element that isn't crude like Wood. Using plant release user can manipulate flowers, plants and even thorns just by inserting chakra into them. Here, in Narutobase Zetsu's clan holds multiple Plant style moves even though I checked through Zetsu's Naruto Wiki page and there was no information that He had such ability. Since this isn't already created as element or Kekkei Genkai I decided to submit this here to try out if it gets approved.

    Idea behind its creation:

    Explained on the Facts that prove element possible.

    Conditions to be able to use it:

    Mastery over all basic elements, must have good chakra control and requires special training.

    Is weak to:

    Darkness ( Will prevent them growing )
    Advanced fire ( Burns them )
    Ice release ( Freezes them )
    Earth ( Depends on the type of attack )
    Lightning ( Will destroy the plants )

    Is strong against:

    Regular Fire element
    Water ( Will consume water )

    Co-creators (if any): N/A

    Students i passed on this custom element: ? & ?

    ~Please keep in mind that you are not allowed to use wood or wood jutsu's~
    P a t e n t C e r t i f i c a t e

    I, Ragnaroc of the Custom Elements Bureau, by the power invested in me by Versuvio, ZonDer, Nexus, Zise and Rei, give you the following:

    Nnoitra-Sama, our loyal member, gave on the date September 12, 2010 a request for a Patent on his custom element (Plant);

    after reading the submission, I decided that the submitted element satisfies all requirements, and am therefore giving his rightfully earned patent on this element by the following;

    Powered by Nexus
    Copyright 2010, Nnoitra-Sama ,

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