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    Re: Custom Elements Bureau

    Custom element japanese name: Kongoton

    Custom element english name: Adamantine Release

    The element is based on: Earth + Fire + Chakra + Chakra

    Facts that prove the element to be possible (in the manga context):

    The metal known as Adamantine was mentioned during the Third Hokage's fight with Orochimaru. Enma the Monkey King was able to use a variation of Henge no Jutsu to transform his body into a staff that was as hard as Adamantine. By comparing the strength of the staff to adamantine it proves that the metal exists within the Narutoverse. If the material didn't exist, it wouldn't be usable as a reference for the hardness of the staff. By showing knowledge of the hardness and strength of Adamantine it proves that the element is well known and has been studied by people in the Narutoverse. This would mean its composition and methods of creation are also known.

    The process of creating a metal within the Narutoverse would be the same as it is in the real world. By melting down the ore with fire and then cooling it a metal can be produced. The process of creating Adamantine would be no different than creating other metals. By combining earth with fire metals can be created. The ore used and the amount of chakra added can help determine which metal is created. Because Adamantine is such a strong metal, it would require a large amount of chakra to create, more than other metal elements.

    Idea behind its creation:

    The ideas behind this element were a combination of wanting to create a strong and versatile metal as well as seeing what Adamantine is capable of from Enma. This metal can be used to create solid defenses or deadly attacks.

    Conditions to be able to use it:

    The user must have a large amount of chakra as well as precise control that requires at least a Kage ranking. The use of this element must be limited as it takes a large amount of chakra to create and thus the techniques used to create it take a toll on the user. This element would be created on the battlefield by using earth, fire and large amounts of chakra to create the metal.

    Is weak to:
    • Extremely hot elements: Advanced fire elements that increase the heat of fire can cause the metal to melt.
    • Magnetism: Since Adamantine is a metal is can be influenced and controlled by strong enough magnetic forces.
    • Ice: While Adamantine can break through ice easily, if its temperature is lowered by ice it can become brittle and breakable.
    • Advanced Lightning: Though it is conductive of electricity, Adamantine can be destroyed by highly destructive advanced lightning elements.

    Is Neutral against:
    • Diamond: Said to be of similar strength causing a stalemate.
    • Tungsten: Similar strength.

    Is strong against:
    • Water: Due to its strength, weight and density Adamantine can move through water unhindered.
    • Advanced Water Elements: Same reasoning as normal water.
    • Earth: Being denser and harder than earth Adamantine can break through earth techniques.
    • Lightning: The metal is strong enough to endure the destructive power of lightning and can conduct electricty.
    • Wood: As seen in the Enma fight with the 1st, a metal as hard as Adamantine can withstand wood and destroy it.

    Co-creators (if any):

    Students i passed on this custom element: Vision & Délta

    P a t e n t C e r t i f i c a t e

    I, Ragnaroc of the Custom Elements Bureau, by the power invested in me by Versuvio, Nexus, Zise and Rei, give you the


    Bahamut, our loyal member, gave on the date 10/10/10 a request for a Patent on his custom element (Adamantine);

    after reading the submission, I decided that the submitted element satisfies all requirements, and am therefore giving his

    rightfully earned patent on this element by the following;

    Powered by Nexus
    Copyright 2010, Bahamut ,

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